Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'M IN LOVE: Disneyland California

I have this weird plan of crying as soon as I hear the Disney hymn while watching the fireworks go off over the Disney castle. I find it… romantic in a kiddie way. Okay fine, that’s a bit confusing. I wasn’t able to experience it when I went to Disneyworld, Florida last year as I was stuck inside a ride waiting in line. I wanted to strangle my (lovable) sister that night. But an unexpected opportunity came in when K, who happens to be an artist working for Disney offered FREE tickets to Disneyland, California.  

Hello, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and everyone! *ahihihihi*

We planned on leaving early so that we get to avoid the crazy lines but we ended up arriving around 12 noon.
We first went to the place where we could reserve tickets for the Aladdin show and headed straight to Disneyland’s newest attraction, Cars!
We waited for two hours for this ride but it was worth it! The ride was awesome as we get to feel like we were part of the movie. We passed by the different stores in Route 66 and the end of the ride was the best as there was a race between two cars! Woohoo!
We were famished after the long wait so we stopped by a restaurant around the Cars area and I had the NY Strip Loin ($11.99) while N ordered the Pork Loin ($11.49).

A Yummy way to start December

December literally is a day away! For some reason, I feel that 2012 is the fastest year ever! So many things happened and yet another yummy event is on its way to start the happiest month… 

Yummy, in partnership with Lady’s Choice, will hold a cooking demo this December 1, 2012 at Robinsons Supermarket, Galleria.

Learn how to whip up amazing, delicious and easy-to-do recipes with Yummy’s contributing food stylist Chef Katherine Jao. Chef Dianne dela Cruz of Unilever food solutions will also demonstrate delectable dishes using Lady’s Choice mayonnaise.

There are also exciting prizes for lucky participants from our sponsors so see you there! Don't forget, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on December 1, 2012 (Saturday) at Robinsons Supermarket, Galleria.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Stinking Rose: A Garlic Restaurant

“Where will we eat?” N and I have been asking ourselves that question a lot for the past month. N’s mom, Auntie J mentioned this restaurant that serves garlic ice cream. Weird. I like it already! But we can’t seem to find time to visit the restaurant which is in Beverly Hills. Till one night when we met up with T and K.
Hello, The Stinking Rose!
It was pretty dark inside and it somehow reminded me of this restaurant called Gayuma ni Maria. Despite it being a “garlic restaurant”, there’s not a single foul smell.
Thanks to N’s reservation, we have a sure table.
Service was also very quick for as soon as we got settled, the server gave us some warm bread and told us to put garlic garnish on top of it. And it was so good! Bad breath galore!!!
We waited for T and K to arrive before we ordered dinner. But while waiting and munching on the warm bread, we decided to order Popcorn Calamari (small: $9.95, medium: $14.95, large: $19.95) and Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue ($9.95) as appetizers.
The popcorn calamari is your typical calamari but what made it a bit different from the rest is its dip. I love the tanginess of the tomato dip (which is quite similar to salsa).
The spinach fontina fondue was served really hot! It was gooey cheesy goodness and we just can’t help but put a lot on our bread. It was quite sinful as every bite was full of oil as well. But we just can’t resist it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Central Park Favorite: Wafels & Dinges

I feel so guilty knowing that I haven’t blogged for quite some time. Frannywanny has been telling me to blog as well. And now I am baaaack! Hello again, blogger me! I have a lot of yummy dishes and interesting places to share with you all and first would be something that I went gaga over… Wafels & Dinges.

It was one chilly, wait, really cold Wednesday morning in New York City when we planned to visit Central Park to skate and feel like we were part of the movie Serendipity (only our version was rather clumsy and full of violations—I’ll share that in a bit!). J, our wonderful host, joined us and got excited over this food cart outside Central Park. I’ve heard her rave about this cart days ago so the foodie in me can’t help but drool (in the inside of course!).
Since I wanted to try several toppings, I decided to go for the plain waffle (li├Ęge wafel, $5) and got the unlimited dinges (WMDwafel of massive deliciousness, $2) and chose bananas, strawberries, nutella and belgian chocolate fudge as my toppings. Oh sweet waffle goodness!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Sneak Peek!

I know it has been a while (a long while) since my last update and thanks to my sister's friend J, I got motivated to post an entry explaining my disappearing act. I'm on a Dora The Explorer mode. I got to visit several restaurants and places I can't wait to blog about. Here's a teaser of what I'll be blogging about soon! :)

San Francisco Tour  


Hearst Castle

Palace of the Arts
Fisherman's Wharf (and it's clam chowder!) 
House of Prime Rib (steak heaven!!!)
Food truck stop