Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Kitchen Hacks 101: Kreamy Island Pasta Sauce

Nothing beats homemade dishes. But there are times when our busy schedules keep us from having a scrumptious meal at home. I'd often go with either a sandwich or canned food when I'm in a rush. Thankfully, I discovered a new convenient way to have a great dish. Anyone up for creamy crab pasta?

Hello, Kreamy Island.
Kreamy Island is the brainchild of Brigitte Co. Launched just this January, this online shop carries two products-- Creamy Seafood Pasta Sauce and Kani Spread. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Go! Salad Celebrates Anniversary with P99 Fresh Farm Salads

Salad was never a staple in a typical Filipino meal. It was often associated with diet and seen to be not as good as other savory dishes like fried chicken, bulalo, crispy pata and so on. But that was all in the past. Filipinos today are smarter consumers and understand the importance of greens in one's diet. And thanks to Go! Salads, it's so much easier to have a healthier lifestyle. Its promo this month makes it even more pocket-friendly too!

Hello, Go! Salads.
Go! Salads celebrates its 7th Year with a great treat for everyone! Grab your favorite Farm Fresh Salads for just PHP99 from March 13 to 17, 2020.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Truedan: A Fresher Way to Enjoy your Milk Tea

With the average consumption to be 4-5 cups of milk tea per month, it's not surprising for new foreign and local brands to open left and right. And my weak will to go milk tea-free this 2020 was obliterated when I spotted Truedan.

Hello, Truedan
Truedan is no newbie in the milk tea business. With a decade of expertise, it has been popular in Taiwan for its use of fresh ingredients. It was even awarded 2-star Anti Additive by the Anti Additive Association.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Overdoughs Now Offers Cookie Cakes

February is my favorite month! I love seeing everything turn into hearts. From traffic lights to burgers and pancakes, things get extra romantic every February. And it got even sweeter when I received a huge heart-shaped cookie cake. 

Hello, Overdoughs Cookie Cake!
Overdoughs is one of my favorite dessert brands in town. My love for Overdoughs started with its delectable beignets and dips. And it became stronger when it launched its rich and flavorful cookies. Its commendable support for the deaf and mute community makes it an even tougher brand to beat. 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Breakfast at Angels' Kitchen

Angels' Kitchen is one of Greenhills' dining gems. Having been around before all the quirky food trends and social media hypes, this place is known to serve straightforward, no-frills, homey dishes. And we decided to try its breakfast dishes one Wednesday morning.

Hello, Angels' Kitchen.
Bright and clean was my first impression of Angels' Kitchen as soon as I stepped inside the restaurant with its minimalist interiors, paper table covers, and simple silverware.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Meralco Announces Another Power Rate Decrease this February 2020

One of the most challenging things about adulthood is managing your household. There are endless upkeeps and bills to pay. But I got word of some sweet news! Manila Electric Company (Meralco) announced a decrease in power rates this February!

Hooray for power rate decrease!

Meralco has announced yet another power rate decrease for the second month in a row for February.
The current rate for a typical household consuming 200 kilowatts per hour is now at PHP8.86 per kilowatt-hour compared to last month's PHP9.45. That's PHP0.59 cut per kWh giving the average family a total saving of PHP118 for this month!

Friday, February 21, 2020

The Perfect Alibi for a Night Out

You don't need to find an excuse to get a drink or two and bar chows to pair it with. You deserve it after surviving a grueling week at work or simply living in chaotic Manila. And if you do, we have the perfect alibi which is Alibi.

Hello, Alibi.
Alibi is one of the newest speakeasy bars in Tomas Morato. Located in the basement of Geonbae, one could easily miss this new gem in the city.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Geonbae Offers Unlimited Korean and Japanese Favorites

The charm of unlimited meat is undeniably strong. It's so attractive that numerous Korean BBQ chains opened these past years. There are those priced unbelievably affordable while others market its brands as premium. The newer K-BBQ stores made things more interesting by offering the best of Korean and Japanese cuisines. And I heard that one of the best places to get your Seoul and Tokyo favorites is Geonbae.

Hello, Geonbae.
Geonbae is a modern Korean BBQ restaurant that features an extensive menu of beef, pork, and chicken. The overwhelming selection of barbecue meats is paired with an equally long list of side dishes featuring the likes of japchae, mandu, tteokbokki, ramyeon, rolls and steamed egg aside from the usual kimchi and pickled radish. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Soru Now Offers Unlimited Hot Pot

Soru has been synonymous with beautifully plated sushi and maki rolls. Its intricate and colorful designs are just as anticipated as its dishes. But Soru has a lot more up its sleeves when it launched its hot pot menu.

Hello, Soru.
Soru recently opened a branch in Timog and it is a lot bigger compared to its other stores. It has a lot more parking space and even has an area dedicated to its new concept--hot pot.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Have a Healthier Heart with Quaker Smart Heart Challenge

Filipinos love to eat. It's something everyone knows and quite proud of. Remember the saying we eat six times a day counting morning, afternoon and midnight snacks? We even consider eating as a national passion. Though eating itself is not bad, we tend to overindulge in rich food. And this is where Quaker comes to the rescue.
A study facilitated by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute found out that an alarming one out of two adult Filipinos has borderline high cholesterol. It wasn't even surprising as that ratio applies to my family. But this is obviously no laughing matter. In fact, it is a scary fact as it means being prone to heart-related illnesses.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Food and Hotel Expo Manila 2020 is back this February

The Philippines has been known as the Pearl of the Orient Sea for centuries. Its provinces' unparalleled beauty and various flavors offer endless delight to those who seek or discover it. And if you are in for a gastronomic adventure, you are in for a treat at Food and Hotel Expo Manila 2020.
With its goal to showcase the flavors of North and South, this year's Food and Hotel Expo Manila (FHEM) has set up a Culinary Master Class, live cooking demo headed by celebrity chefs, cooking competition and video competition with an emphasis on local delicacies.