Friday, December 21, 2012

Ramen Girl Favorite: Kichitora of Tokyo

I used to be a frustrated Japanese wannabe. I wanted to be just like those anime characters with huge eyes and cute curly hair. But since that’s quite impossible, I resorted to learning the language (well, barely) and eating everything Japanese. I got a text from Frannywanny one night and told me to try Kichitora, a new ramen place in front of Yabu (SM Megamall Atrium branch) and I just had another food stop target.
It has been a while since N and I last saw each other. We originally planned a food trip but since it’s the traffic everywhere season, we decided to stay put in Megamall and try the new ramen place foodies have been raving about.
Hello, Kichitora!

I was greeted by a dimly lit dining area (complete contrast to the well-lit branches of Ramen Bar) with wooden walls and furniture.
N and I were famished so we ordered one bowl of ramen each, I had the Paitan (White Soup) Chicken Tsukemen (PHP360) while N ordered the Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil (PHP395). We also ordered Gyoza (PHP150) on the side.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cebu Files: Zubuchon

Feed me lechon and I’m all yours. Well, at least till the next 48 hours or so. 
Right after my month long trip, I found myself all buckled up again to be Cebu-bound for three days. Oh hello, land of lechon (roasted pork)!
As soon as we landed, we drove to Zubuchon, a pretty popular place known for its lechon being raved by acclaimed food critic Anthony Bourdain as the “world’s best whole roasted pig”. Such comment will surely intrigue foodies and encourage them to visit the restaurant. And we were among those foodies.
Hey ho, Zubuchon! Whazzzzaaap? (Okay, that was a bit too much.)
The place was partially full when we arrived but we were lucky to be able to find a table that could accommodate our huge party of 10. We quickly roamed around the area, checked out the knick knacks on display and settled down soon after to order. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Take 2: Porto's

Give me a P! An O! An R! A T! An O! An S! Put them all together and what does it spell? Porto’s!!! I have been reunited with my all-time favorite love… Porto’s! But I was even more pleasantly surprised when we passed by a Porto’s branch I have never been to before and it was… bigger. *twirls*
Hello, Porto’s! It has been a while, a long while.
We went to the Porto’s branch in Downey and despite the fact that the place will be closing in about half an hour, the place was still very busy and packed with hungry customers, all willing to wait just to savor the yummy breads and pastries of this well-loved bakery.
N and I patiently waited in line while stretching our necks to see which ones to buy. Actually, I did most of the stretching as N had his tummy set for dinner.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Korean Love: Paris Baguette

Bread. I survived living in another country with bread as my breakfast, lunch and dinner (almost daily) for about 5 months. Did I lose weight? Uhh… next topic please!
I seriously miss Korea and I get excited whenever another Korean establishment appears out of nowhere. Did you know that there’s now a Yoogane and CafĂ© Benne here in Manila? I’m itching to visit these places soon!
I know that ever since the boom of KPOP in the Philippines, it’s inevitable that big Korean brands will be coming in (and of course, those in love with anything Korea, me included, will patronize these brands). But I was not expecting to see one of my favorite Korean bakeries to be in a mall in Cerritos, California. Not at all.
I was doing my last minute shopping with N when I saw PARIS BAGUETTE! *twirls, jumps, squeals*

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New York Stop: Tad's

Ever since we arrived in New York, we can’t help but notice Tad’s, a steakhouse quite scattered all over Manhattan. N, being a big steak fan, wanted to dine there as he was also tired of eating hotdogs every single day. (Hey, we’re in New York!) One night, we met up with C, a good friend of N and C volunteered to bring us there for dinner.

Hello, Tad’s!
I can hear N mentally say, “Finally, a sit down dinner!” while I seriously stare at the menu placed on top of the counter.
They have several set meals and I was staring at the one with the biggest serving. Hey, we need all the nourishment from all the walking we did!

Unfortunately, they were out of #1, Grilled Prime Ribs ($20.99) so C and I settled for #2, “The Big One” Pound T-Bone ($19.29) while N settled for #3, Rib Steak ($16.99).

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Smorgasburg: A Foodie Destination

I love weekend markets! I just do not like that it closes so early. I want to munch and munch (then digest) and munch some more! While traveling, it never occurred to me that I will be visiting a weekend market. But the video R sent was just too convincing that despite being tired from walking and the long 2 hour travel from Staten Island to Manhattan, N and I just couldn’t help but gooooo~
Why hello there, Brooklyn Bridge!
It was easy to spot Smorgasburg as it is located very near the famous Brooklyn Bridge. I instantly fell in love with the brick walls surrounding the open food market.
Our eyes sparkled seeing a lot of promising food vendors. There’s this concessionaire that sells ADOBONG LUMPIA (6 rolls for $7) and there’s this kiosk that sells amazing BEEF BRISKET ($10 per sandwich). But I’m getting too excited. 

Monday, December 3, 2012


When I started blogging, I jump for joy whenever I hit 100 views in a month! I then noticed that I get to have more readers whenever I blog more often.

I still remember that the first entry that got the most views was NAV, then a new restaurant in Kapitolyo serving really good Thai food. That motivated me to blog almost everyday (if not everyday, as long as dear tummy allows it). 

Soon, more of my entries get more hits. But what really makes me do cartwheels (mentally that is as I can only do side rolls and tiny jumps) is when I hear people tell me that they read my blog and some even do follow it! *happy*
I then confidently set 50,000 hits as my goal for 2012. To date, I reached way more than I hoped for. :D (Okay, maybe I didn't hit my blog posts goal but I'll try to change that and blog even more!!!)

I love you all! Expect more food finds in the next days, weeks, months, and years to come! 

-a very happy Gluttonshopper