Friday, November 11, 2011

What's so special about 11-11-11?

I would have never thought that the number 11 will make me so happy this year. 

I’m sure that most of you saw several posts about 11-11-11. Some would go like this, “Happy 11-11-11!!!” or “Don’t forget your 11 wishes at 11:11am and 11:11pm this 11-11-11”.

So what’s so special about 11-11-11? 

For one, it is one nice date to remember. You could tell your grandchildren, “Kids, during 11-11-11, I was at… doing… eating…” Hey, it sounds like a cute story to tell.

But for some of us, 11-11-11 means… ULTIMATE PEPERO DAY. (Pepero huwaat?)
Familiar with Pocky of Japan? Well,  Pepero is the Korean version of Pocky. 
Pepero Doughnut from Mister Donut, Korea

Now for Pepero Day, it all started in Busan where two high school girls gave each other peppero promising that they will be as thin as peppero when they grow up. 
Pepero of all sizes. (Image from Seoul Daily Photo)
These days, Pepero Day evolved to a couple day similar to Valentine’s Day. Boys and girls give each other this popular snack to show their love for one another. The bigger the box or longer the stick, the stronger the love, I think. The part of Pepero Day turning from a friendly “Let’s be thin” to “I love you, here’s a Pepero” is still a mystery.  Nonetheless, I love celebrating this day for it is one of those days I could shower myself with love and chocolates. 
With my tall pepero stick! (Seoul, Korea, 2009)
Want to try some peppero? Some supermarkets and Korean marts sell it. Don’t worry, a box of Peppero is not expensive. 
Happy Peppero Day! :)

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