Friday, August 26, 2022

Movie Nights Just Got an Upgrade with LUMOS Smart Ray Projector

Having a home theater is a dream. But a decent set up can cost an arm and a leg. Or so I thought. 


LUMOS originated in Singapore and has recently made its well-loved projectors available in the Philippines. Available solely online, it manages to offer its spectacular projectors at pocket-friendly prices. 

I was recently gifted a LUMOS SMART RAY PROJECTOR (PHP11,999), and I instantly fell in love with it. 

This portable (and very lightweight) gadget is packed with all the good stuff to give you the home cinema experience you’ve been waiting for and wanting. 

I like that it is very user-friendly. Even non-techie users will not have a hard time setting this up. 

Here are the easy steps on how to enjoy your LUMOS projector:

- Connect the LUMOS projector to the power cable, plug it in, and turn it on (via the silver button on top or remote control).

- Depending on your preferred media source, you may use the HDMI cable, RCA cable, SD card, or smartphone (via mirroring feature)! We used LUMOS Smart Ray’s built-in apps Netflix and YouTube, our go to apps for movie nights. (Make sure that you connect your projector to wifi first if you wish to use the built-in apps or mirror feature.)

- Adjust the focus ring for a clearer image and use the Keystone feature to get the best angle for you and your family. (Yes, no tilted videos with the LUMOS Smart Ray!)

- Grab your favorite chips and drinks and enjoy your shows.

I am impressed with the image quality LUMOS projects. This sleek machine has 3,000 lumens and gives vibrant graphics. You’d appreciate this A LOT especially when you’re in a dark room. So invest in those blackout curtains now!

And to complement the colorful images it projects, LUMOS has two inbuilt Dolby Audio Speakers to recreate that cinema experience we’ve all been missing.


You can also enjoy a massive screen even with limited space with LUMOS as all you need is 1.5 meters distance to project-- and get a 50-inch screen.

LUMOS also offers LUMOS RAY Projector for PHP8,999. Its main difference from Ray Smart is that it doesn’t have built-in apps, wifi support, or Keystone feature. The added features on the Smart RAY are definitely worth the additional bucks! 

Do you have technical issues or questions? LUMOS is so easy to talk to! And all units have a 1-year warranty! 

Order yours now at https// 

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