Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Japanese 101: Oishii aisukurimu!

I just had the best chiffon bread (so far) this morning and I’d love to buy some more of it but the problem was… I bought it in JAPAN. Yes, I am still not over my very short stop at Narita Airport and I realized that I have not posted anything Japan-related yet and it made me remember the oh so good ice cream I had while waiting for my flight back to my one and only love… Manila. 

For some reason, it was EXTREMELY warm inside the Narita Airport. Perhaps my long-sleeved top meant for the fall season and the fact that I was speed walking while frantically looking for Uniqlo were partly at fault. Anyway, I was turning into a walking tomato and that made me decide to go back to Gate # I forgot and pout till my mouth hurts as I found out that the Uniqlo store was nowhere near where I was. 
Then I realized that this was my last chance to enjoy Japan… sort of. There was no time for pouting, sulking or whatnot. I panicked and ran towards the nearest convenience store and saw… ICE CREAM!
I decided to go all Asian and ordered Green Tea and Vanilla ice cream. I was also feeling pretty generous that day so I bought Chocolate with Vanilla ice cream for my (still airsick) sister. Each cone costs 300 yen.
My ice cream was DELIGHTFUL. It had a strong green tea taste (bitter aftertaste) yet was complemented by the sweet vanilla ice cream. 

However, my sister’s chocolate with vanilla was FAR BETTER. It was creamier. The chocolate was not too sweet as it was slightly dark. If only I didn’t spend my last dollars on other knick-knacks, I would have bought more ice cream. 

But I know that I’ll be back to anime wonderland. I will be back!!! 

Ja matta ne!!!

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