Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chapter 2: I’ve Fallen for you, Pages Deli!

It has been a week since I last ate at Pages Deli and I still can’t forget the oh-so-great Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Tomato Vinaigrette.

I told my sister how much I enjoyed my dinner at Pages Deli and she got so excited with my mouthwatering story that she needed to check the place out herself.

Sunday came and my sister saw it as an opportunity for her to ask our mom to eat lunch at Page’s Deli. It was perfect as we were planning to attend mass at 6PM anyway. My mom gave in and picked us up after her very long meeting (we thought that we were about to faint while waiting for her).

Finally, lunch time.

I browsed the menu again checking which ones to try next while my sister was looking for a rice meal. Unfortunately, Pages Deli is a deli shop thus there were only two rice meals on the menu. 

I decided to order Measure for Measure (PHP450) as I am a sucker for anything salmon. My sister on the other hand played it safe and ordered Carbonara (PHP200) while my mom opted for Charlotte’s Web (PHP200). Since I can’t live without appetizers, I also ordered Pomodori di Michaelangelo (PHP150). For drinks, I asked for Mango Shake (PHP80) and my mom ordered Pages Signature Iced Tea (PHP75).

My drink arrived first and I’d say that it was a very refreshing drink. Nothing extraordinary but I like that it was not very sweet unlike the Pages Signature Iced Tea. 
We had to ask for extra water to dilute it. It was really good after getting rid of the extra sweetness.

The Pomodori di Michaelangelo was divine. I just love anything that has tomatoes as I grew up eating it almost every day as my afternoon snack. It had a bit of tangy-sweet taste. When my sister tried it, she told me that it tasted like spaghetti sauce. True enough, it did taste like it only it was a bit watery. I will definitely order this again.

Next was the plain looking carbonara. It looked very creamy and it was really creamy. The sauce was quite thick and the dish was a bit bland as well (nothing parmesan cheese cannot solve). However, I’d skip this one on my next visit.

I wasn’t able to try my mom’s order, Charlotte’s Web because when I remembered to ask for a piece, she finished it already. She told me that it was an ordinary ham sandwich though. Well, the menu did mention that it was a humble ham sandwich.

As for my order Measure for Measure… it was great! It was definitely filling and the salmon was very flavorful. The baked salmon fillet was seasoned and cooked well and it went well with the sweet yet tangy sauce (which I’m not very sure what it was called). The mashed potato (again) was bland but it helped highlight the salmon’s flavor and lessened the intense taste of the sauce. It was simply delightful!

Since we were in our glutton mode, my sister and I decided to have dessert. I ordered the Classic Cheesecake (PHP150) while my sister asked for the Apple Crumble (PHP175) thinking that it will taste like S&R’s apple strudel.

My cheesecake was very plain but it had the addicting tangy taste that makes you squint your eyes a bit. The crust was also crunchy adding texture to the dessert. It was LOVE.

My sister’s dessert on the other hand was quite weird for her taste. It had real apple and some apple jam on it that she just could not take. Sorry, but it definitely was not S&R’s apple strudel taste-alike.

My mom and sister were not very happy with their orders but I was very pleased with mine. Chapter 3 in the making. See you soon, Pages Deli! :)

Pages Deli is located at the Ground Floor  of Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


  1. Their glasses are so cute, hehe. The little piece of paper looks like an interesting idea as well!

  2. I know. I'll ask them where they got it on my next visit. The little note was a great idea. It made the dish interesting. :)


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