Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tea Time: Cha Dao

Serenitea. ChaTime. Bubble Tea. Happy Lemon. Infinitea. And now… Cha Dao.

I’ve heard of this place three weeks ago and I got so excited when I found out about the POPPING BOBBA. Well, it was a type of sinker that pops. (Reminiscing childhood days and those magic powder that pops in your mouth.)

My mom finally gave in and decided to accompany me to visit Cha Dao near Café Juanita in Kapitolyo, Pasig.
The first thing that I noticed was the extremely limited parking space. Only ONE car can park. I guess they target those who live within the vicinity who do not really need to bring their cars with them to go there.

When I visited the place, there were only 2 customers inside. The place was very simple yet quite relaxing. The whole place smelled like tea. It must be because of the grounded tea leaves on each table.
I love talking to the servers and ask them for suggestions. I wanted to know if the servers know their products well. The girl manning the counter read the best seller list. Oh well~
After reading the menu myself, I decided to order Wintermelon Fruit Tea with Popping Bobba (large: PHP55; extra large: PHP65), Assam Milk Tea, and Classic Milk Tea (large: PHP65; extra large: PHP75). You may add pearls, nata, red beans, egg pudding, coffee jelly, grass jelly, or popping bobba as sinkers for PHP10 each.
I noticed that the staff is pretty new in taking orders and such for all three of us had order mishaps—wrong sinkers, wrong names, or wrong drinks all together. I also noticed that they fail to listen to the orders. I already mentioned my complete order yet they asked again about the size, sugar level and such. I understand that the place is new but they just have to be careful next time as some customers could not tolerate this.
Finally, my drinks… presenting Assam Milk Tea, Classic Milk Tea, and Wintermelon Fruit Tea.
I tried the Wintermelon Fruit Tea first and it had Nata and Popping Bobba as sinkers.

It tasted like iced tea with a hint of strawberry candy. I didn’t know that Wintermelon tasted like this. It was totally different with its milk tea counterpart. Nonetheless, for some reason, I liked it. I sipped it like a mad woman excited to try the popping bobba (since I kept on getting nata). Woohoo!!! Popping Bobba… woohoo…woo…hoo…
The Popping Bobba truly pop but in a different way. It was like mini water balloons with light syrup inside. Enjoyable for the kiddos but I was expecting that it will pop just like how the magic powder does. 
The Classic Milk Tea tasted like milk with pearls. The pearls were not the good gooey chewy ones. It was the type that tasted a bit bland and not sweet.
The Assam Milk Tea has a stronger taste. It was darker as well. The tea flavor was definitely there. I just hoped that the milk teas were colder. 

If ever I get to visit the place again, I’ll most likely stick with Fruit Tea. 
Cha Dao is located at #5 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig.


  1. I just visited this place today and i gotta say i was REALLY disappointed. So far it's the teaplace i've enjoyed the LEAST. I was also excited for the popping bobba but today they didn't have it :| The girl taking orders (i think it might be the same girl that served you) has a really small voice and it's kinda hard to hear her. I ordered Wintermelon Milk Tea and Mint Milk Tea, both XL. I found them both quite bland ESPECIALLY the mint one. I had read that this place was like serious tea so i was disappointed at how bland it was. I had to ask for more syrup and flavoring for both and it helped..but still wasn't on par with other tea places. I also don't like how it isn't a good place to stay. NONE of the seats have backrests..and most are just wooden ones. I guess cuz it's a small place they don't want you staying long..but I feel tea places should be comfortable to stay in for quite a while. I'm not going back there..too bad.

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