Friday, September 9, 2011

Attack of the Fitness Nagger

For some reason, I think that the Fitness Nagger is following me.
It all started way back in 2009 when I first joined St. Paul College, Pasig or SPCP’s Family Fun Run. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it at all. The fact that I was running out of air, it removed the fun out of the picture. (Okay, that was extremely corny.) But it inspired me to become more fit because for a 3.7 K run, I reached the finish line after 54 minutes whereas the best runners finished their 5K run in less than 20 minutes. (Shame!!!) And yes, some grandparents had a better time. How did they do it?
The next run I participated was… this year. Apparently, I wasn’t very inspired to become fit. But hey, I did a lot of walking for 5 months when I stayed in Korea. It was same place, same distance—SPCP’s Family Fun Run 2011. It was still tiring… and I got slower! I finished the race after an hour and four minutes.
Since I felt that I wanted to become more athletic, I decided to “upgrade” and joined the 5K run during the Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run (which was also an event for the latest magazine Good Dog—a dog magazine). I saw several colleagues during the run so I was really shy to do speed walking. It was a great motivation though as I finished the race under an hour (which was still a terrible record but loved the idea that I improved and broke my personal lame record).
That run made me desire to be fit again thus I began to look for running shoes with a friend. I was pretty concerned with the support and cushion as I have weak knees (wonder if it’s due to too much eating). In the end, my friend who did not plan to run at all was the one who went home with a paper bag with running shoes and I went home with a tummy full of chocolates, other sweets, and Chinese food. FAIL.
Finally, another “motivation” appeared (via email this time)…
Hmm… should I go?
Shopaholic me: Go!!! Can’t you read? It mentioned S-A-L-E
Glutton me: Why spend it on shoes when you can buy lots of munchies instead? Let's go explore Makati instead!!!

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