Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sampaguita Ice Cream, anyone?

Since I could not get over the Nilagang Mani ice cream and the fact that the server told me that their best seller was the Sampaguita ice cream, I just had to go back to try it.

Who cares if you’re alone if you’re armed with a pen, paper, camera, and money (okay, just a few bucks)?

I hurriedly went back to Café Ilustrado one day to try its Sampaguita ice cream (PHP80). 
Yey! Sampaguita ice cream.

I took a sniff and it didn’t smell like ice cream. The cream or milk must have drowned the scent of the tiny flowers. I also noticed that it was a bit icy. I guess this was the leftover ice cream as they had to check the fridge first if there were still some ice cream left to scoop.

My first (tea)spoonful gave my taste buds a shock. It tasted like sampaguita with Yakult. It was a bit tangy yet has that Jasmine taste as well. Weird.
True enough though, as one of my colleagues pointed out, despite the weird taste, it will grow on you. From a rate of 3 out of 10, it went up to 8 out of 10. The weird taste eventually disappeared and what was left was the milky and delightful ice cream.

Nilagang Mani? Check! Sampaguita? Check! Ginger ice cream, you’re next on my list. :)

Café Ilustrado is located at the 4th level of SM Makati, Makati City.

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