Monday, September 19, 2011

Participate in a Food Eating Contest... Check!

To check if I really am a glutton, I joined the Food Warrior Eating Challenge organized by Manila Ocean Park last September 17, 2011. 
My fellow glutton wannabe and I arrived at the Manila Ocean Park at 10am as we were told that we needed to be there early for some medical tests. To our surprise, we were greeted by a ghost town fair with empty tents. 

Apparently, we arrived too early. We were not informed by the organizer that the check-up was moved to 12NN. But that bright smile of one of the organizers and the fact that she somehow got my name right made me forget about that boo-boo.  

We also noticed that there were only a few participants who joined the event as I overheard some of the organizers that they were still open to more participants. I guess the line “possible loss of life” scared potential participants.

Anyway, we patiently waited till the check-up and the actual competition. While waiting, we, I mean, I roamed around and saw this cute restaurant called MAKAN MAKAN ASIAN FOOD VILLAGE. Channeling the tourist in me (and taking advantage that I do look like a tourist… sometimes), I took photos of each of the station and I promised myself to dine there ASAP (meaning that same day). 

Finally, the Food Warrior Challenge was about to start. GAME FACE ON.
The "competition"
The food the contestants needed to consume that day were:

Giant Bubblegum Float
 Giant Chicharon
Giant Roti Prata
Cheese ice cream
 A plate of tocino
And more hotdogs
Groups of 7-9 were formed and only one from each group can move on to the semi-finals. I was so excited when I saw that there were about 10 girls who joined. (Girl power! Okay, the line is a bit old already but you get my point.)

The first set of challengers had to consume a big glass of bubblegum float. This seemed to be the easiest to consume since no chewing was needed. There were three girls and four guys in the group. The biggest guy won—which was a surprise to me because all the while I thought the smaller guy was leading. Oh well~
I was part of the next group and I prayed so hard for ice cream and not chicharon or the Roti Prata (as I’m not very fond of curry). And we got… CHICHARON. >.<

I can still remember how happy I was when I saw the giant chicharon. But that was when I was still not aware that it was part of the eating contest and that I was among those contestants that had to consume it.

My group had 2 girls and 5 guys—and only two did really well and tried really hard to finish their chicharon. I was just a bit disappointed with the portioning of the chicharon though. They did not weigh it and just estimated it using their eyes. I got the one with super rolled up chicharon. So if you flatten it, I actually got the biggest out of the 7 servings. *Bitter*
That's me!
I lost. But I’m still proud because I was able to finish half of it and I didn’t give up till they declared a winner. (I just didn’t like the fact that there were so many cameras in front of me taking my picture of my red and sweaty self with my mouth stuffed with chicharon. I hope that they will not use those photos.) 

Then it was my friend’s turn. His group got… ice cream! Lucky!

It was amazing how they were able to eat one whole tub using a small wooden spoon. Some ate it from the tub and it seemed effective. In fact, the winner from that group won using that technique.
I didn’t bother to watch the other groups anymore since I just got disappointed with some participants who joined just for photo op purposes. It would have been more fun if all those who joined were really into it. Some gave up after a few bites while some perhaps just wanted attention. The glutton in me just could not take it. 

It was a fun experience. Definitely a first… not sure if I’m crazy enough to do it again though.
I hope that the next Food Fest will have more home bakers as they have really interesting products that not everyone knows.

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  1. Hahaha I'm now certain that It's definitely more fun to watch than participate, specially with the giant chicharon. Glad that you didn't get sick. Congrats you had more guts and ability compared to a lot who joined the challenge. :)


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