Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Hour at 3PM

Happy Lemon Rockwell Branch is finally open to spread happiness!!!
I was thrilled when I saw a lady carrying a plastic bag of Happy Lemon while walking around Power Plant. That made me smile so big and I immediately convinced my friends to go to Happy Lemon with me while (ironically) burning some Ultimate Taste Test calories.
When we arrived, the first thing I noticed that there was ample sitting area. Customers can also sit on the couches in front of the clothes stores. However, the seats near the counter were not that desirable since it could be crowded when there are a lot of customers ordering.
We were lucky because the line was still pretty short when we ordered. After 10 minutes, the line became crazy. Service was quite quick though compared to its Greenhills branch.
New branch, new drink (well, at least for me).
This time, I ordered Lemon Black Tea with pearls since I was craving for something tangy (as I find milk tea too filling and our goal was to “burn” some calories for more of UTT concessionaires’ food).
It was quite different from the others I’ve tried before. Simply put, it was a sour tea.
At first, I didn’t like it. It tasted weird. Then after a few more sips, I eventually liked it. It now has my "less than three" a.k.a. heart stamp on it! Its distinct taste set it apart from the other milk tea stores.  
So give other drinks a chance. Take a risk and you might discover your newest love.
Happy Lemon is located at the Archeology Wing, 2F Power Plant Mall, Makati.

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