Friday, September 23, 2011

Pantry Surprise: Royce Potato Chip Chocolates

I am starting to love Mondays. 

I have always wanted to try Royce’s Potato Chip Chocolates but every time I visit Royce, I always end up with a chocolate bar instead. Tsk. Resisting “real” chocolates is so hard.

One random (and lucky) Monday, we were approached by one of the associate publishers and gave us a box of Royce Potato Chip Chocolates. She said that it was from the publisher and, without hesitation, we started to munch on the chocolate goodness. 
 Hmm… it tasted like sweet Ruffles. Hey, Ruffles… Truffles… *ahem* moving on.
It was interesting how the taste of the chocolate and potato chips did not overpower one another. You can still definitely taste the great taste of Royce chocolates and the starchy potato chips. Salty yet sweet. 
Then again, my heart still belongs to Nama Chocolate.


  1. Do try. It has this weird taste that can be quite addicting. :)

  2. And do not be afraid to surprise your partner and think that he or she would not like it. That is why you need to remember your partner's likes and dislikes so you can have an idea of what surprise that you can come up with.


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