Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chocolate Discovery: Russell Stover

If Russell Stover wasn’t that old, I would have asked him to marry me!

My mom bought this small piece of chocolate (well I find 57g small) just because she got curious with it. Priced at PHP99.75 at Candy Corner, it would have never appealed to me as there are several other cheaper yet still oh-so-good snacks I could buy instead. 
Anyway, my mom forgot all about the chocolate so it is now all mine (yahoo!) and after a few days, I’ve finally decided to try it.

Hmmm… it doesn’t look special at all to be priced at PHP99.75. While staring at it, the snooty glutton in me said “I would have bought Ferrero Rocher instead. Pffff!” But I felt that I was being unfair. (Come on! Russell Stover will cry.) Who knows, it might be good after all to justify the price.
Disclaimer: The chocolate got smashed inside my big bag.
 Lo and behold… it was pretty good.

It tasted a bit like Snickers but fewer nuts (the one I had was with almonds) and more caramel. What I loved about it was that the caramel doesn’t get stuck between your teeth (especially the molars). The chocolate was soft and every bite definitely had caramel and small bits of almonds.
A warning though to those who love chocolates but are not that fond of the too sweet variant: this one falls on the too sweet side. 

Right after finishing the pack, I immediately checked the web for more information about this latest love of mine. I found out that it is way cheaper in the States (one box costs around $7!!!). 
Yes, Nutrition Facts. I am ignoring you!!!
Now, I can’t wait for October. I will definitely hoard a lot of Russell Stover goodies. (And perhaps a few of those WeightWatchers by Whitman’s as well.)

For now, I will visit S&R for price check. :)


  1. Share! Too much sweets is not good for you, hahaha.

  2. Sorry, I don't share. Hahaha. Kidding.

    I know... a trip to the dentist is a must this month.


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