Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Bite: The Kebab Factory

(A prequel to the Mega Mall Food Sale entry)

Some colleagues and I went to SM Mega Mall to have lunch as one of them needed to shop. We had several options. There’s JiPan, Sbarro, The Kebab Factory, and Pho Hoa. We decided to consult the powerful and all-knowing eenie meenie miney moe to help us decide and the finger landed on JiPan. For some reason though we wanted to eat somewhere else so we decided to choose one and say at the same time where we want to eat… The Kebab Factory won.

*Off to The Kebab Factory*
It was my first time to dine there so I read the menu “Curious George” style. The dessert G’ulab Jammu (sugar milk balls dipped in syrup) got my attention as my friend gave it her seal of approval. I didn’t order it though since I was saving up for my ultimate food galore trip next month.  I promised myself that I will try this in the near future. I heard that it has a bit of herbal taste. Dessert? Herbal? Interesting…
Since I was on a tight budget, I decided to order C2, Chicken Mast Kebab (PHP180) and Papadum Masala (PHP95) but what I really wanted to order were M1, Chollo Sultani Chicken Mast and Beef Kebab (PHP275), Spinach and Feta Cheese Dip (PHP200), Mango Kulfi—The Kebab Factory ice cream with pureed mangoes and hint of cardamon flavor (PHP150) and Sweet Lassi (PHP120). My bill would have reached PHP745 (exclusive of tax and service charge) if I gave in to my tummy’s request. 

Anyway, featuring my affordable picks!

The Papadum Masala arrived first (and it should since it is an appetizer). It looked pretty deprived of toppings as it only had onions, coriander, and tomatoes on top of fried lentil wafers.  I took a bite of it with just that and it was pretty bland with a itsy bitsy hint of spice. Adding the creamy garlic sauce though changed this appetizer from bland to an addicting snack. The nice thing about this dish was that it wasn’t heavy (as there are some restaurants that serve appetizers that could serve as the main dish).

Now for my lunch… Chicken Mast Kebab.
It was very flavorful. It was not the typical salty and oily or extremely dry chicken. It was tender, easy to chew and has a distinct taste. It had a tangy and a bit salty taste that I love. Actually, it doesn’t need the creamy garlic sauce but since I loved the dip so much (hello bad breath), I poured a lot on it. Yet, the taste of the chicken was still there. 

I will definitely order the Chicken Mast on my next visit but I’ll upgrade it to M1. :)
The Kebab Factory is located at the 2nd Floor of SM Mega Mall Atrium, Mandaluyong City.

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