Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Early Christmas Shopping

...will only mean one thing... my wallet will be empty earlier than expected. Nonetheless, I am still thrilled to say that my favorite bazaar is scheduled to be back… and bigger… this November 4-6, 2011!!!
I’m sure that all bazaar lovers and fashionistas are familiar with the SuperSale Bazaar. This time though, instead of the Rockwell Tent or Rockwell, The Grove, they will hold it at the World Trade Center and it is bound to be a big event piggy banks will need to prepare for.
So, should I be grumpy everyday to save up?
This time though, the organizers made it more interesting for concessionaires by coming up with a Facebook contest where the online flier (posted by the concessionaire) with the most likes (from their fans or customers) gets a free booth. Yes, a free booth plus a PHP5000 worth of gift certificate from its partners (the second and third highest also get discounts and freebies from the organizers). The concept is quite similar to Rockwell Bazaar’s previous event called In Search for The Next Big Thing where concessionaires competed to get the votes of the shoppers. These contests of Rockwell Bazaar and SuperSale are brilliant as not only do these attract concessionaires, it encourages the sellers to really promote the events to win. Anyway, enough of this SuperSale contest I can’t even join. 
Or check for details.
Time, please move faster! I’m itching to see my favorite concessionaires. I hope Miss Veronica will join again. I miss that store. 
I'm also looking forward to see Sunday's Best and Posh Pocket Shoes
I don’t recall the names of the other stores I loved (I just remember what they sell. There’s this one store with cute vintage eye glasses, a Korean dress shop, a store that sells cheap sheer tops and loose tops--good for food trips, and the stall that sells cute accessories). I just have one wish… I hope that the aisles will be wider and each booth will be bigger so that it could accommodate more customers.

To all bazaar stalkers like me, see you on November 5! (I hope I’m no longer sleeping during the day this time and that I have money left from my dessert funds for The Cheesecake Factory.)

All images (except for the coin bank) used are from the Facebook pages of SuperSale, Miss Veronica, Sunday's Best, and Posh Pocket Shoes.

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