Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feel Good Muffins

One Monday evening, I received a random SMS from a friend asking me if I love sweets… and the rest was… well, pretty much narrated below.

The question “Do you like sweets?” never fails to make me curious and reply and a giddy smile on my face “Why? :)” hoping that I’d get a “I have some sweets to share with you” or a “I discovered this new restaurant and I want to visit it. Let’s go?” reply. 

To make things short, I didn’t exactly received any of those “dream” replies but instead a request to help a friend out. The one who sent the SMS was helping a group of friends doing charity work. To support their cause, they sell muffins and the money they get from selling these sweets will straight to the institutions they plan to support (I will disclose the names of the institutions as soon as everything has been finalized on the end of the charitable youngsters). As a sucker for fund raising activities, I replied without hesitation, “Sure!”
The prices of the muffins were reasonable. They sell it by boxes of 6, 12, and 24 making it ideal as gifts. There were also 4 flavors available: Double Cheese, Double Choco Cream Cheese, Butter Nutella Cream Cheese and Blueberry Oat Walnut Cream Cheese. They must love cream cheese. 

I guess they were busy because it took them about two weeks to deliver my muffins. I was batch number 19. 
I first tried the Double Choco Cream Cheese and it was quite good. Chocolatey. It had chocolate chips on top, chocolate chips inside, chocolate chips all over! Moist, soft, sweet… definitely a hit for dear ol tummy. There was no hint of the cream cheese though. 
The next muffin I tried was the Double Cheese muffin. It was indeed cheesy though it was not as moist as the chocolate muffin. Nonetheless, the tangy taste of cheese made me regret not buying two of it.
The Butter Nutella Cream Cheese tasted like pancakes. The batter taste was strong. I had to scoop out the Nutella on top for the chocolate flavor. It was good. But my heart still belongs to the Double Choco Cream Cheese.

Finally, the Blueberry Oat Walnut Cream Cheese.
It was the smallest of the bunch. I’m not very sure if it should really be this small. It looked like a dwarf among giants. Okay, normal sized muffins. It was the driest of all and I didn’t get to taste the blueberry. This made me less guilty though. It seemed that it has the least fat in it. Plus, oats help clean the tummy. Perhaps it’s not so bad. I just have to train my taste buds to eat healthier food.

Want to help out this group? Contact Les at +639279557714.

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