Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Love at First Bite: Zoey's Cakes and Pastries

I love receiving home baked goods. I always feel that it has been prepared with so much love and passion making it extra special. And a bite of Zoey's Cakes and Pastries would make you think the same. 

Hello, Zoey's Cakes and Pastries!
I randomly got a message from Mae, the person behind Zoey's Cakes and Pastries. She asked me if I would be interested to try some of her baked treats. Since I have a sweet tooth, I quickly said yes. 
Mae personally delivered the treats to me and gave me a quick rundown of the items on hand. She gave me Red Velvet Brownies, Dark Choco Cream Cheese Brownies, Caramel Bars, Custard Macaroons, Mini Oreo Cheesecake and Mini Mango Cheesecake. All are priced at PHP200 for a box of 6 except for the caramel bars priced at PHP150 per 6 peices. 

After a quick photo session with the delectable goodies, I began my journey to the land of sweets. 
Each baked treat was packed with flavor without being too overwhelming or cloying. I loved the consistency of the bars. It was very dense and moist.
You have to eat the custard macaroons right away as it tends to get hard if you keep it in the fridge for so long. The Mini Oreo Cheesecake and Mini Mango Cheesecake seem to have longer shelf life. 
If I were to choose my favorite, I'd go with the Dark Choco Cream Cheese Brownies. The blend of dark chocolate and cream cheese was addicting! I'd definitely order that one again soon. 

To order, contact Mae at 0915 328 8989. She also makes customized cakes. You may check out her work here

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