Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Love at First Bite: Hobing Korean Dessert Café

It’s the time to sweat bullets and feel so icky after walking a couple of blocks. It is also the time to have that insatiable desire for anything cold. Oh yes, summer is here. As a person who is not exactly fond of summer, the only thing I look forward to this season is having a convenient reason to have a cold treat or two on a daily basis. And yes, one of the rewards I look forward to is bingsu. Finely shaved milk ice topped with delectable fruits and other sweets… what’s not to love? The best part? More and more players are popping here and there giving us foodies a wider variety of toppings.  One of the new players in the market is Hobing.
Hello, Hobing!

After a filling dinner at Melo’s, R and I decided to walk towards BGC Stopover to visit this new bingsu place for dessert.
The place was packed when we got there around 8:30 p.m. With only one empty table available, we hurriedly ordereStrawberry Bingsu (PHP215, small | PHP330, large) with ice cream as topping instead of whipped cream at no additional cost. (We feel that ice cream is more value for money than whipped cream.) 
Our bingsu arrived after 20 minutes. Quite a long wait but understandable given the crowd and we were still full from our steak dinner.
The bingsu was covered with thin slices of strawberries and some sort of syrup to make it sweeter. R and I took a spoonful each and our taste buds twirled with joy and jumped for more.
Each strawberry slice was sweet and fresh. Just looking at its rich red color makes me drool like a berry maniac. The milky taste of finely shaved ice complemented the sweet fruit. And just like Seol Hwa, more strawberries were stuffed inside!
The generous scoop of vanilla ice cream made the dessert creamier and richer and it instantly became my new favorite. I also noticed that they have more hot or savory dishes here making it even more convenient for those who want to have a fill before capping it with some sweets.
This place is a must visit. But be prepared to wait if you go during peak hours.

Hobing is located at 3rd floor, BGC Stopover, Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

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