Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First Bite: Wolfgang's Steakhouse

R never fails to make me fat. He suddenly messaged me that we could have a fancy dinner a few days ago and that I could pick any restaurant. I went with this steakhouse in Resorts World Manila. And so, we braved the weeknight traffic (which was intensified by the sudden heavy rainfall) and got to RW Manila a bit past 8.
Hello, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse!

I was surprised to see the steakhouse packed on a weeknight. There were only a few tables left when we got there.
I was ushered to the table near the washroom and after a few minutes, I felt uncomfortable with people walking past me. I also disliked the creaking sound and movement of the floor every time someone steps on the planks. They have to do something with the terrible flooring installation.
I was then moved to another table nearer the bar area and it addressed my first concern but not the second. It seems like the whole place had uneven flooring.

Anyway, back to steaks.

R and I ordered Porterhouse for Two (PHP4,988 | 1kg)  and Filet Mignon (PHP2,958 |450g). We also got Lobster Cocktail (PHP3,688) for appetizer and Jumbo Baked Potato (PHP158) as side dish. I also ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (PHP418) to pair my steak.
While waiting for our meals, we enjoyed the wait basket of warm bread and butter. I loved the soft dinner buns with ham bits.
The lobster cocktail was served next. (Side note: I was quite disappointed with how the server took this order. She was not sure on how much lobster we get per order. I just had to ask as PHP3,688 is pretty steep for an appetizer.) One order comes with one lobster cut in half.
The server assisted us with our first serving of lobster and gave us a dollop of sweet and tangy sauce that came with the cocktail.

Sadly, it wasn’t spectacular and quite forgettable. If only I knew, I would have just ordered another steak.
R’s Porterhouse was served next and it was HUGE! It’s good enough for three hungry individuals!
We had it prepared medium so the center was still a bit bloody when it was served. There were a few dry parts and some were a bit overcooked for medium. Some parts were succulent but not outstanding for me to crave for more.

The Filet Mignon was something else though. Also prepared medium (in butterfly cut), it was more succulent and mouthwatering than the Porterhouse steak.
It was also seasoned well with each bite packed with flavor. I didn’t even have to put peppercorn sauce on it for taste. It was good as is. This is the type of steak that deserves your hard earned cash. It was juicy, tender and simply scrumptious!
It went so well too with my glass of red wine which had a strong taste profile.
If you are planning to order a lot of sides, try to hold back as they were not kidding when they say their side dishes are good for two to four. Our jumbo baked potato was gigantic and we couldn’t finish it at all.

I was expecting more from Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. I was prepared to be wowed and be overwhelmed by superb service and impressive dishes. But only one out of three stood out.
I’d definitely go back for the Filet Mignon but I have no plans of going back anytime soon.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is located at 2nd Floor, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City.

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