Monday, March 6, 2017

First Bite: Gringo

Ola amigos and amigas! Those are the words that come in mind when I think of Gringo, a restaurant known for its delectable baked chicken. And when I found out that Gringo opened a branch in BGC, I was beyond ecstatic! I could finally sink my teeth into some of Gringo’s well-loved chicken.
Hello, Gringo.

After a tiring walk around High Street and Burgos Circle to do some errands, I decided to reward myself with a nice meal before heading back home. And it was the perfect time to stop by Gringo.
I was warmly greeted by one of the staff and ushered me to a vacant table. He quickly handed the menu and gave me a glass of cold water.

After some thought, I ordered Quarter of Gringo Original Chicken with two sides (PHP225). For sides, I went with marbled potatoes and roasted squash. I also got a glass of House-brewed Iced Tea (PHP75).
Service was fast as my glass of iced tea was served after three minutes. And it sure was no Nestea or Lipton.

I have nothing against the two popular brands but I just do not like it when restaurants claim that they served house-brewed iced tea only to drink those ready-to-drink ones. Gringo’s iced tea has a nice dark tea taste which I love. But it’s best to wait for the ice to melt a bit as the drink could be a bit too flavorful to quench one’s thirst. (But hey, that means more iced tea!)
My plate of baked herby chicken was served next and I quickly took some snapshots without realizing that one of the sides I got was wrong. Instead of squash, I got eggplant. But the staff quickly replaced it after I pointed it out.
And true to most reviews, Gringo’s chicken delights and tickles the taste buds. The poultry marinated in various herbs and lemon was indeed flavorful and juicy. It was like a healthier version of KFC, only way better! It didn’t need any of the two sauces it comes with.
I would have preferred my sides to be a bit mushy as I found both to be too hard. But I guess it was cooked as such to add texture to the beautifully moist chicken. Just don’t expect for equally tasty side dishes as these ones were lightly seasoned.

Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience. I didn’t get weird looks from the crew as I get the centerpiece from the other table for flat lay. Service was quick and everything was affordable.

Will I go back? Definitely!

Gringo is located at Ground Floor, The Fort Residences, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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