Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Food Find: Köök Manila

I find it interesting how much I’ve changed over the past few years. Before, I’d make sure that I have plans on weekends and that I get to visit at least five restaurants to serve as my content the following week. As I grow older (with matching aching joints and slower metabolism), I now value staycations and enjoying my alone time in the comfort of my own home. And one staycation got extra special when I got a sweet treat from Köök Manila.

Hello mini vacation with Köök Manila!

I hurriedly went home as soon as the clock hit 6 pm and I placed the vacuum-sealed Greek Chicken in the sink to thaw as I prepare my cookware.
Since I do not have an indoor griller, I decided to pan-fry the chicken sans the oil. Though I do not recommend this as it took me quite some time to cook the chicken, it still gets the job done. Best to puncture or slice the chicken to make sure that all parts get cooked. (Mine took longer than it should have because I wanted my chicken to look pretty when I take photos of it. Priorities.)

It was plain torture cooking this dish with an empty stomach as the fragrant marinade filled the room with its alluring scent of mixed herbs and spices. Even R who was asleep woke up because of it!
After 30 minutes or so of cooking, I finally got the light brown skin I prefer. I’m sure it would have been a lot faster with a griller. Maybe it’s time to buy one!

And it was worth the wait! The chicken was delectable and each bite was flavorful. I loved the slight tangy taste of the chicken as it tickled my taste buds and it made me crave for more. But for those who prefer extra taste, I suggest that you pair it with some garlic cream dip for that extra kick!
It’d be great for picnics and potluck parties too!
I can’t wait to try the other variants like Korean chicken!

For orders or inquiries, contact Roanna Chua at +63 917 598 6970.

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