Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When in Cebu: 10,000 Roses Café

 I always look forward to my Cebu visits as it means pigging out and indulging in some cholesterol-filled lechon. I also love that most of the new Cebu restaurants pay attention to ambiance and not just offering good food. But one café stood out and outdid everyone in the ambiance category when it filled its front yard with 10,000 roses

Hello, 10,000 Roses Café.
This place is at the end of Cordova and the last two to three hundred meters are not accessible by car.
Given the influx of tourists and locals, there is now an environmental fee of PHP20 per person to get in the area of Lantaw and this café. 
As soon as we settled the fees, we were greeted by a huge crowd and numerous selfie sticks. Since we do not want to squeeze our way in to get a selfie or two, we opted to go straight to the café to order something.
Unfortunately, the café experienced an electrical problem and we could not order any of its cold drinks because they didn't have enough pre-brewed coffee and ice. (They did get to fix it though after 20 minutes or so but we opted not to order anything anymore.)
We decided to stay at the al fresco area and enjoyed Cebu's skyline and one Chocolate Chip Muffin to pass time. 
The chocolate chip muffin was your usual average tasting baked good. And sadly, it was quite forgettable. We opted not to order drinks after being underwhelmed by the muffin. 
Since the place was getting even more crowded by the minute, I opted to take photos of the place and of the beautiful scenery before it becomes too chaotic. 
Though it is best to visit this place at night to see the roses glow and dance (yep, those are fake roses), this place is also picturesque (sans the crowd) when the sun is about to set. You'd also get to see the skyline and the nearby island. 

But would I go back? Not anytime soon. Maybe when the craze is over.
Tip: Most, if not all, dishes available are on the expensive side given its serving size. The only one that seemed bang for the buck is nachos. Drinks, on the other hand, are priced at Starbucks level. 
10,000 Roses Café is located at Day-as Cordova, Cebu City. 

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  1. Waaaaah I love these photos Jewel! Amazing ninyo oi! I wish I had people to go with (of course kanang naay car) Cebu Philippines


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