Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Restaurant Love: Matutina’s Seafood House and Restaurant

I’m so glad that I live in a country rich in seafood. With a bunch of seafood restaurants around, I never have to worry on where to get my under-the-sea fix. And whenever I travel north, one of the stops I look forward to is Matutina’s Seafood House and Restaurant. 
We were supposed to eat at its main Urdaneta branch but the place was packed when we got there with an hour wait time. With grumbling tummies, we tried our luck with its Annex 1 branch and thankfully, Lady Luck was on our side as a table just cleared up when we got there. 
R’s parents did the ordering and went with Tangigue Kilawin (PHP250), Pinakbet (PHP150), Grilled Bangus (PHP150, regular), Crispy Hipon (PHP250), Liempo (PHP85) and Buko Juice (PHP75).
While waiting for our food, we were given some complimentary coconut snacks which I always look forward to whenever we visit Matutina's.
Soon, our drinks were served. 
I love drinking fresh buko but I wish that it could be served chilled. Nonetheless, I like that sipping from the shell makes me feel healthier. (Though, I couldn’t say the same in R’s case as he likes to sprinkle sugar in his drink.)
Pinakbet was served next and it was pretty good. The veggies used were fresh and I loved that the pumpkin chunks were not very mushy. But the best part was the chicharon cracklings! It went superbly well with the greens. And for PHP150, it had generous serving.
Crispy Hipon soon followed and it also had some chicharon mixed with the fried shrimps. 

I wasn’t too crazy with this one as it was too dry. But eating it with saucy dishes like pinakbet solves that issue. 
I also liked munching on the grilled liempo with pinakbet. It would have been better though if the skin was crunchy. 
As always, Matutina’s grilled bangus was stellar. Despite the burnt skin, the inside was juicy and nothing short of being called “perfectly cooked”. Drizzling it with soy sauce with calamansi made it even better. 
As we were trying to get as much meat as we could off the fish, our almost forgotten tangigue kilawan was served. 
As much as we would like to appreciate the last dish, we were too full for it. The only perk of having this last was that it somehow cleanse the palate with the dish’s tangy flavor. 

Overall, it was  a pleasant lunch. We left the restaurant with full and satisfied tummies and the best part was that it didn’t hurt the wallet. 

I’d definitely drop by again when I drive to north. 

Matutina’s Seafood House and Restaurant Annex 1 is located at Nancaysan Urdaneta, Pangasinan. 


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