Friday, March 31, 2017

First Bite: Sugar Factory

I love sweets and I can't resist it when someone offers me some. And when I got an invite to visit Sugar Factory, I replied with a big, fat YES. Indulging in huge milkshakes and childlike creations always sound like a good idea. 

Hello, Sugar Factory.
I was greeted by a well-lit and spacious dining area that seemed to be a combination of a fancy diner, Vegas and candy land. 
Since we were a huge party of foodies, we were moved to the second floor dining area which gave us a nice view of the whole place. On the other hand, the second dining area is a bit cramped and it was hard for us eager (and aspiring) food photographers to move around and take photos of the fun dishes served to us. But if you're there to simply enjoy the food, you'll be fine. 

We were in for a treat that night as FOURTEEN specials were prepared for us with six of those as signature drinks. I couldn't contain my excitement when I read "Make a Wish" as I'm a sucker for blowing candles. 
First dishes served to us were the fluffy Gigantic Buttermilk Banana Walnut Pancake (PHP340) and Red Velvet Pancakes (PHP320). Though these breakfast staples may seem expensive, one bite would convince you that both are worth every peso. 
The banana walnut pancake was heavenly and I love the beautiful contrast between the sweet banana slices and toasted walnuts. The cinnamon sugar and maple syrup tickled my sweet tooth and made me eat more than I intended. (But it was worth the calories)
An order of Red Velvet Pancakes comes with three thick pancakes topped with white chocolate chunks, orange zest, maple syrup and whipped cream, quite fitting for a hungry duo or even trio. It was pretty good too but I would have loved it more if there were some fruits or nuts for added texture or flavor. The orange zest didn't really have much kick. 
The Bruschetta (PHP280) was quite light on flavor as it didn't have the usual smoked salmon. Instead, the warm baguette was topped with tomato chunks drizzled with basil, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. Though this dish serves as a nice appetizer, it would not be my top pick as I prefer something tastier and more sinful. 
If you visit this place with friends, I highly recommend Sugar Factory Party Nachos (PHP440). Aside from it being good for sharing, it also has generous toppings. The delectable ground beef, jalapeños, sour cream, salsa and melted cheese would definitely make any gathering or catch up sessions a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Just don't let the nacho chips sit too long as you wouldn't want soggy chips. 
We also tried the Signature Sugar Factory Chef's Salad (PHP495) perfect for those "trying" to diet but could wolf down a humongous bowl of greens. The mixed greens with mouthwatering Jamon Serrano, shaved parmesan, poached egg, candied walnuts, cucumber and tomatoes drizzled with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette is a great balance of healthy and yummy. The crisp greens were simply addicting and the tangy yet sweet dressing made me eat two or three servings. 
The Signature Sugar Factory Burger (PHP445) is yet another sinful dish we ate during our visit. The thick Angus Beef patty with your usual greens and cheese (with your choice of cheddar, Swiss or blue cheese) sandwiched by potato buns would make two fellows burp with glee. The patty was juicy and not overly seasoned allowing diners to appreciate its natural flavor. 
This dish comes with golden brown fries and you just have to get milkshake for this one for that extra guilt that is not even worth regretting.
Speaking of milkshakes, we sampled two huge milkshakes namely Make a Wish (PHP335) and the Instagram famous Giggles Snickers Milkshake (PHP795). 
Make a Wish was the drink that made me giddy as you could literally make a wish when you order this drink. I loved the vanilla ice cream they used as it was not too sweet hence making it a breeze for me to gulp down every single drop. Since I was saving room for other munchies, I opted to skip the vanilla cake chunks. 
The giant tower of mug covered in chocolate and topped with a whole Snickers bar, waffles and Blow Pop sure made me a bit scared for my blood sugar level. The cookies and cream, though not overwhelmingly sweet, had too much sugar-loaded ingredients with it. I think titas like me are just not cut out for this kind of drink. 
And speaking of wild, things just got weirder when Sugar Factory served Grilled Cheese and Spaghetti Sandwich (PHP385). 
Your usual grilled cheese sandwich got a one of a kind makeover with spaghetti bolognese as one of the fillings. Then again, it's not as weird as it sounds. We usually eat spaghetti with buttered bread. It's just that some brilliant mind thought of having both in one bite with a bit of extra cheese. 
Safe eaters would enjoy Orange Chicken and SF Fried Rice (PHP565). There are no surprises with this one as it is what it is called. The delectable crunchy marinated chicken went well with the flavorful rice. One order could stuff at least three foodies. 
We started to sip some of the cocktails namely Watermelon Rancher Martini (PHP450, with alcohol | PHP200, without alcohol) and German Chocolate Cake Martini (PHP320, with alcohol | PHP200, without alcohol) while trying to digest all the food we ate and as we wait for the highlight of the night. 
Though I love refreshing drinks and watermelon, I'd go with the chocolate martini as it's just tol heavenly! It's like drinking cold thick chocolate in a martini glass. The sweet chocolate and coconut-y taste of it also went superbly well with the savory dishes. 
As we indulge in the remaining food and drinks, we were treated to a mini show... that is, filling of the huge Sugar Factory goblets. 
I wasn't able to try the Energy Bear Goblet (PHP870, with alcohol | PHP490, without alcohol) but I did get a sip of Sunshine Tea Goblet (PHP790, with alcohol | PHP400, without alcohol) and I liked it! It tasted like brewed iced tea with lemon. In fact, I like it so much that I could finish a goblet on my own. 
Overall, it was a great dining experience. I loved the savory and sweet dishes as well as the drinks. Though food and drinks are on the expensive side, you'll get your money's worth with its huge serving sizes (except for the martinis). 
Sugar Factory is located at Ground Floor, Shangri-La at the Fort, 3rd Avenue, Fort Bonifacio. 

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