Tuesday, March 7, 2017

First Bite: Abacá Baking Company

Abaca is not a foreign name to those who frequent Cebu. As one of the popular restaurant groups in the city, a visit to any of Abaca Group’s restaurants is a must. I’ve been to Maya, Abaca’s Mexican joint last 2015 after my trip to Bantayan Island and I was impressed by its nachos and very flavorful Asada Fajitas. This time around, I made sure to drop by its cafe counterpart, Abacá Baking Company.

Hello, Abacá Baking Company.
Located a few steps away from Maya, this place has a very chill and New York bakery vibe. 
Since there are only high stools on the ground floor, we decided to head up to the second floor. I was hoping that some of the staff would help us carry our luggages (as we were on our way to the airport then) upstairs but we didn’t get any assistance from anyone even when some were just idle when we arrived. 
We were approached by a server with a very red nose and handed us menu. With hoarse voice, she mentioned their bestsellers and we decided to go for Tomato Soup (PHP195), Skillet Breakfast (PHP495) and Calamansi (PHP55). For dessert, we went with Fresh Fruit Tart (PHP225).

First served was a glass of tangy calamansi juice
Drinking it as is would be like pinching the tastebuds as a mere drop was tangy enough to make one’s face scrunch. In order to avoid wrinkles, it is best to pour some syrup in. However, foodies fond of sweet drinks may not find one shot of syrup enough. 
Next served was our piping hot bowl of tomato soup (that day’s Daily Soup) served with a thick buttered brioche. 

As a tomato soup fan, I was excited to take my first sip and compare it with Cicada’s Roast Tomato Soup. But I was slightly disappointed by it. 

Unlike Cicada’s, Abaca’s version was slightly watered down. Also, serving size was smaller and pricier. But if you plan to order a lot of dishes, Abaca’s soup would be a better option as it was lighter in the tummy, just like how appetizers should be. 
After a couple of minutes, a skillet filled with fried eggs, bacon, country style sausage (patties), beans, tomatoes and thick toasts graced our table. It sure made us thankful for not ordering another dish as this one looked really filling. 
And it was filling. But that was about it. Sadly, it was not impressive on the taste department. It was pretty much ordinary. The only thing that stood out was the fluffy toast. 
At least the fruit tart’s taste gave justice to its steep price. 
The huge fruit slices and chunks were indeed fresh and went well with the smooth and creamy custard and crunchy tart. 
I guess it’s best to order pastries from Abacá and head over to Maya for savory dishes. 

Abacá Baking Company is located at Crossroads Mall, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City. 

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