Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Steak Heaven: Myron's Steaks Ribs & Seafood

I’ve been targeting to dine at Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood for weeks now and I finally got the chance to have lunch there last weekend.

I thoroughly read the menu to check which ones to order. I wasn’t very hungry that time since I had a late breakfast thanks to morning traffic and that crazy food service (which I’m still thinking if I should post or not). However, my gluttonous tummy promised me that it can take in some more thus I happily ordered some dishes. 
Since I am a sucker for pumpkin (hey, it’s yummy and good for the eyes), I ordered pumpkin soup along with Myron’s best seller… The President (tagged as the REAL. GREAT. STEAK.). Since the restaurant was pretty confident about it, we made sure to order it. We were told that the steak was good for 2-3 so my dad didn’t order anything and shared the steak with me. 

My sister, the birthday girl, ordered Fried Hainanese Chicken as for the past few months, her name and Hainanese Chicken were synonymous.

First served was my Cream of Pumpkin (PHP125). It was… very flavorful… in fact, it was way too much. The soup was very creamy and thick that it does not serve its purpose… to boost one’s appetite. There was this (as we Filipinos call it) suya factor—will make you not want to eat it anymore after a few bites (or in this case, slurps/sips). I found it a bit too sweet and that made me miss the bacon sprinkled on top most restaurants do.
Next served was the President Steak (PHP2,010) which was described as “crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, swimming in its juices, sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt.” It was served with the plate tilted as to put the juice on one side of the plate. We had it cooked medium well thus the meat was still a bit reddish.

Oh my steak goodness! It was really good. The meat was very tender and it was seasoned just right. Be careful though of getting a mouthful of the Himalayan Salt as it could make that part super salty. 
How I wish I could have that as my lunch every day. It will surely put a hole in my wallet though.
Next served was the Fried Hainanese Chicken (PHP295). It was pretty dry thus making it hard to swallow. I guess that’s why it was served with soup. 

My sister didn’t like it because she was expecting that it would be similar to the one from Hainanese Delights which was swimming in sauce.

My dad being a coffee addict ordered coffee and I asked for one too since I noticed that they serve Illy. My sister fondly calls it “I Love Love You”. Well, there’s nothing to hate about Illy coffee. 
As an added bonus, Myron’s gave us a free dessert… Old Fashioned Bread Pudding with Dark Caramel Ice Cream and Rhum Sauce (PHP180). Yes, it was screaming CALORIES. But it was a great dessert to cap off the meal. The Bread Pudding added texture to the Dark Caramel Ice Cream and the warm pudding and cold ice cream was simply delectable.

I look forward to trying the other dishes soon. 

Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood is located at Level P1, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati City.

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