Friday, August 5, 2011

A Singaporean Lunch for 0.5

My colleagues and I decided to go out for lunch and meet up with a fellow publisher we miss dearly.

Since we only have a few hours to spare, we went to SM Megamall for lunch which (luckily) is about 10 minutes away from our workplace. 

We went straight to Orchard Road since we targeted to have desserts at Blenz. Always the curious George, I ordered something I haven’t tried yet. Soon, I uttered “Black Pepper Chicken, and one Chin Chow.” Well, it looked appetizing.

The service was fast. I got my order in less than 10 minutes (it somehow reminded me of how much I wanted Pizza Hut to fail their 10 minute challenge so that I could get my meal for free).
Now to describe my meal…
Chin Chow
My drink, Chin Chow (PHP65), was served right after paying for my meal (it was pay as you order type of restaurant) so I took a sip while waiting for my lunch. Well… it was just like the typical black gulaman only the gelatin/jelly was shredded thus the slim straw. It was also extremely sweet. I thought that the ratio of the syrup and water was 2:1. It was served lukewarm as well which I did not like… at all.

Black Pepper Chicken
Now for the main dish—Black Pepper Chicken (PHP175). It was… okay. I find it overpriced since the serving was too small, even for a toddler (well, a toddler with a healthy appetite). There were too much pepper (doi! It was a given but it was way too much) and the chicken cuts were more of nibble size than bite size. There were about the same number of green pepper slices and chicken cuts wherein I believe that the green pepper should have been a garnish. Oh well.

I was a bit envious of my colleagues’ orders since two of them ordered Hainanese Chicken and the cut was quite big. I didn’t order that since I just had Hainanese Chicken two days ago. 

The tapioca dessert seems promising though. Perhaps on my next visit, I will stick to dumplings and dessert. But I’ll probably skip Chin Chow and stick to water. 

Orchard Road is located at 2nd Level, Bridgeway, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave. Mandaluyong City.

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