Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If there’s sugar-less, there’s sugar-full!

Meet one of my favorite desserts—Sugar Full!
I find it interesting how we accidentally discovered this delicious dessert.
My mom and I were looking for something to share for a potluck lunch. Since there will be a lot of kids, we thought that dessert was the most brilliant idea ever. We then searched around Tiendesitas for cake or just about anything sweet so that we could say that we were able to bring something… anything. Then we came across KG’s Kitchen that sells desserts.
We asked the seller for their bestseller and she suggested SUGAR FULL. We were bewildered by the name. SUGAR FULL? We’ve all heard of sugar-less desserts but SUGAR FULL?
She gave us samples to convince us that SUGAR FULL was not a dessert that deserves to be laughed at. And she was right.
The fluffy mammon-like texture plus whipped cream and topped by sugar, sugar and more sugar (well some were melted and was turned into a crispy outer layer) was simply delightful. I fell in love... with sugar!
For complete product list and prices, contact KG’s Kitchen at They also have a store at Tiendesitas near the stalls selling fruits and vegetables.


  1. Stay true, Mary Love. Your blog is still pure and unadulterated. :) No hints whatsoever of PRs and the like. You are here to share and not to earn. :)


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