Friday, August 26, 2011

Restaurant Favorite: Tender Bob's

Whenever we’re hungry and do not have the energy to look for new places to dine, we seek sanctuary in this all-American restaurant…
It was way past lunch time when we went to Shangri-la. With grumbling tummies (and trying to catch up a 3pm show), we decided to have lunch instead at Tender Bob's.
Without even reading the first line in the menu, my sister ordered Chicken Tenders, Original Recipe (PHP220). Tired of chicken, I looked for another meal. I was not in the mood for steak or pasta so I concentrated on seafood and as a salmon lover, I ordered Grilled Salmon with Tropical Salsa (PHP395).
The chicken tenders arrived first. (My sister hated me so much that it took me 2 minutes to take photos of the dish and she was so hungry then. She wasn’t able to resist so the photo was missing two or three fries. Well, who counts it anyway?)
One thing I love about the chicken tenders/fingers of Tender Bobs is that the chicken is actually… well, tender. Unlike other restaurants, the chicken was not overly cooked to the point that the meat becomes dry. I also love the honey mustard dip (though my sister prefers to drown it in gravy).
Finally, my order arrived. S.A.L.M.O.N.
The salmon’s skin was a bit burnt but I didn’t really care since I don’t eat it anyway. The salmon was fresh and the salsa added oomph and texture to the dish. There was a bit of spice though but it was totally tolerable.
The mashed potato also helped make the dish filling. The corns on the other hand were really sweet to the point that it could serve as dessert (and I meant it in the most positive way). Overall, I loved the dish I ordered.
I will try their steak platter soon… or as soon as I get to convince a friend or two to share it with me.
Tender Bob's is located at 6F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

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