Saturday, August 20, 2011

Celebrating weekend freedom with Fredom Fries

To celebrate Candy bagging the Golden Rocket Awards, the publishers behind the great teen magazine organized a Publishers’ Lunch at Army Navy.
It was my first time in Army Navy and the first thing I noticed there was the interior. It was pretty cute. It has the camp feel—stylized camp feel.
The name of the restaurant was painted on the cemented walls. There was also the cute Oscar-the-Grouch trash bin. The counter was also like the ones you’ll see in some camps serving potatoes and everything else mashed.
When we reached our tables, there were already several orders of Freedom Fries (PHP60) waiting to be eaten. My boss told me that Army Navy’s burritos and Fearless Fried Chicken (FFC?) are good but I got curious with the soft tacos and my boss never tried it before (I thought that at least I could tell her what it tasted like). I then ordered Soft Taco with Chicken filling (PHP125) and a regular Libertea, Army Navy’s brewed iced tea (PHP45).

The Freedom Fries was one addicting snack. The flavorful, thinly sliced long fries were not very oily and it was not salty at all. Zesty as the menu described it, it was something I will definitely order when I visit again.
 After finishing all our Freedom Fries, our orders arrived. My order has a very strong smell. Very oniony—a scent I do not like at all. I had to remove most of the onions to get a taste of the other ingredients such as—chicken.
The lime and the salsa didn’t play much of a role. It was like onion soft taco. K
At least the popular Libertea was good. It was definitely LEMON ICED TEA.
Next time, I'll stick to burrito.

Army Navy Burger + Burrito is located at the GF Strata 2000 Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


Comments or other recommendations? :)