Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally, the last Final Destination...

Or maybe not.
I was pretty giddy about Final Destination 5. No, it was not because of the actors (I don’t even know them… sorry!) but because for some reason, I enjoy watching movies of this genre (I'm a fan of Saw).
The movie started with 3D opening credits that showed how each character will die. There were pipes, hooks, and other objects and tools that if placed at the wrong place at the wrong time could mean death.
The whole storyline was similar to the usual; only the buildup of each death scene was better. Viewers can’t help but say “Oh no! She’ll get electrocuted! Oh wait…” It was definitely interesting how the director and writer made each scene not what the audience thought it will be.
For instance, we thought that the character having acupuncture treatment will be killed by needles. No, wait, he survived. Alcohol was spilled all over the floor of a room full of candles… he will definitely end up in ashes. No, wait, the flames did not reach him. How did he die? Well, a statue of Buddha fell on his head and smashed it like a tomato stepped on by an elephant.
Most death scenes made us gasp and anticipate the next scene. Too bad though that the acting was not at par with the script. There were times when the actors seem to just recite their lines or stare blankly. Nonetheless, this is still one of the best out of the five movies for their creativity in linking the first Final Destination to this one. This made me think if finally, this is the last Final Destination. I guess we have to wait for a few years to find out. Still, good job to the director Steven Quale and Eric Heisserer.
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