Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rolling over Royce

I can’t believe it that I never bought Royce before. (Cheap-o me, I blame you!) I used to accompany some friends when they buy chocolates at Royce but I never bother even trying their samples. 
Since I felt so rich last Saturday (it wasn’t payday but I found a thousand bill hidden in my wallet so the thrill was almost the same), we decided to pass by Royce on our way to the cinema to watch Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (a must-watch movie!). 

Clueless curious Georges, we sampled almost everything. It was a bit embarrassing but hey, that’s where you get customers. 

The chocolate that caught my attention was the Nama Chocolates (PHP580 per box). I was torn between Champagne and Au Lait. My sister said that Au Lait was better thus I chose Champagne over Au Lait. (It’s all mine!!!) 

 My sister bought Milk Coffee Marshmallow Chocolate (PHP420) and until now she has no plans of opening it and I’m still waiting to try it.

Going back to Champagne Nama Chocolates, these are the things I love about it:

The subtle liquor taste

-You won’t get intoxicated… well, okay, you will… with its oh-so-yummy taste that is.

The soft texture of the chocolates

How the chocolate melts in your mouth
-The chocolate is covered in cocoa powder and upon biting it, the velvety  chocolate explodes (in a very nice way) in your mouth. As one of my colleagues would describe it, a party in your mouth.
I can’t wait to buy more!

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