Sunday, February 13, 2011

Turning into a fan of fun runs?

I really hate running when I was a kid. I guess it was because, first, I was a chubby kid then… okay, a fat kid. Second, I am flat-footed a.k.a. lampa. Lastly, I am just not the sporty type (I am more of the eat-all-you-can type of girl). But for some reason, I enjoy family fun runs.
My first fun run was two years ago when my sister was still a sophomore. St. Paul College, Pasig organized a fun run as part of its fair. My sister and I joined the 3K run and since it was our first ever run, we didn’t expect that it will be VERY tiring especially the ramp partS (yes, I emphasized the “s” part). What was weird though is that despite the sweat, panting, and aching legs, I enjoyed it thus I told my sister that we have to join the next one. But we missed it. L
 This year, I had to beg my sister to join the fun run. She told me that there is nothing fun about fun runs. But after whining and begging and more whining, she finally gave in and registered us both the day before the race.
We had to wake up early since the program starts at 5:30am. Sleepy and with puffy eyes, we went to St. Paul and joined the other participants stretch and prepare ourselves to run. We saw a lot of funny things like 1.) a guy with an almost hanging top (since he wore the SPCP singlet) 2.) a nun playing with the gun to be used for the race and using it to play as a “gangster” 3.) a kid asking her mom how she could avoid the race and get a ride in a motorcycle instead.
 I was hoping that this time around (since I got used to walking a lot in Korea) that I will finish the race better than two years back. But it just got worse by 8 minutes. Boo! I had to wait for my sister so that we could finish the race together.
I guess I have to practice more to get a better time.

*Smile* while running... or speed walking.
*Off to the next run*

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