Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revisiting Dulcinea… the place with the oh-so-good churros…

I loved Dulcinea as a child. I remember that I often order lengua before learning that it was actually tongue (well, I was an ignorant kid then). I then moved on to salpicao and breaded chicken. I super love Dulcinea’s desserts such as cream puffs and yema balls.
Today, I decided to try their pasta for since I was 10, I never tried their pasta. Weird. I ordered pesto since it mentioned that it was “light” (assuming that light=healthy) and pumpkin soup. As for the drinks, a pitcher of four seasons. J

My sister, who still has kiddie food options, ordered chicken fingers (dipped in tartar sauce/ketchup) and mashed potato while my mom ordered her all-time favorite, salpicao (no picture though).

My pasta was served first and the soup was served 10 minutes later. It was quite weird because my pasta turned out to be my appetizer. Anyway, the soup was not very creamy compared to other pumpkin soups I have tried before. Though, it still has the sweet pumpkin taste. The bacon bits also added texture to the soup. As for the pesto, I do not find it light (at all). It was very oily and it was quite salty as well. Same goes for the chicken tenders. The mashed potato on the other hand needed more butter and a bit of salt.  
The four seasons and yema balls on the other hand are two thumbs up! The four seasons shake was very refreshing and it was not too sweet that it will make you thirsty. The yema balls on the other hand are a bit crunchy with its hard shell (covered with sugar). This dessert is also not very sweet that makes you turn down a second serving.
Ambiance: The ambiance is quite homey. With its quite yellowish lighting, it makes you feel warm inside. (Or is that just me?)
Price: The price range is quite affordable. You could get a good big meal with just P200 (and that includes drinks already). They also have meal deals for as low as P99.

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