Friday, February 11, 2011

A fun Valentine’s Day for the loveless

People say that Valentine’s Day is also known as Single Awareness Day which is SAD for short. BUT, we can make this F.U.N. (well, I could not think of three words for that yet). Here are some ideas on how to turn S.A.D. into F.U.N.:
1.  Learn a new sport (or at least try)
You will feel more accomplished on this special day for lovers if you have done something you have never done before. There are several sports to learn: biking, skating, bowling, swimming, diving, snorkeling, playing basketball, soccer, and much much more. BUT, if you do not have money, well, you can turn a seemingly ordinary activity into a sport like catching flies with chopsticks. Now, you have a new talent!

   2. Treat yourself and your friends to dinner
So what if you do not have a romantic dinner with a special someone? Friends are special. J Dress up and go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy. You might also want to go to a karaoke after. BUT if you do not have (again) money, invite your friends over and have a chocolate overload instead. Remember, chocolate is love. J No need to splurge on Ferrero Rocher. Munch on Goya or even Milo powder. Buy some cheap chocolates, melt it and dip marshmallow on it. TADA! A chocolate fondue party!

3.  Buy your best friend or mom flowers
Just because you are loveless does not mean that you have to turn into a scrooge. SHARE THE LOVE or else I will be singing “Where is the love… where is the love, where is the loooove?” Okay, maybe you do not deserve such corny lines. But, the mentality that Valentine’s is just for lovers is wrong! BUT, if you do not have money, make paper flowers. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

4.  Be inspired
People-watching is probably one of the best pastimes ever. Get in touch with the photographer in you or sketch the busy malls filled with lovey-dovey people. Who knows, it might be a masterpiece. BUT, if do not have money, ARE YOU CRAZY? THIS DOES NOT COST MUCH! A pencil costs less than P10 while a sketch pad from Best Buys cost less than P50. No need to buy oil pastel if you really do not have money.

5.  Have a Valentine’s pictorial
Create FUN and HAPPY memories and capture them on camera. Have a theme. You can all wear red or take pictures in such a way that it narrates a story. If it turns out good, it might inspire writers to turn it into a play or even a movie. No room for “buuuut I have no money” excuse here either.

6.  Visit the World of Butterflies in Marikina
Not only will you be surrounded with probably one of the best looking insects in the world, you also get to sharpen up your science knowledge. Best of all, entrance IS VERY CHEAP. Entrance fee is only P20 for students, senior citizens, and Marikina residents while P40 for visitors and tourists. It is open from 8am to 5pm from Mondays to Sundays. :)

        7.  Write a letter to a random person (preferably snail mail)
  This is something unique to do. Stalkerish, yes. Fun, YES!

8.  Take advantage of the “everything love-related becomes more expensive”
If you know how to bake, sell cookies as an alternative to chocolates. If you are the person who frequents Dangwa, use your sales skills and offer services to buy the flowers for the lover boys and girls. But if you do not have any skill that you could use, start learning a skill NOW and use it next year.

9.  Watch a horror/thriller/suspense movie
Nothing beats horror/thriller/suspense movies to make you realize that it is so good to be alive. This will make you forget that you are in fact loveless during the hearts day. Also remember that it will be more fun if you tag your friends along because watching any movie genre alone in general is just plain sad. BUT if you do not have money, pray for HBO or Starworld to air a good romantic-free movie.

Well, at least it brightens another loveless person’s day. :)

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