Thursday, February 17, 2011

360 degree approach of Korea (part 1)

Korea has turned Manila into a tropical Korea with our fascination with the Korean culture. We can see, feel, smell, hear and taste it. There are Korean shows on television (and you do not even need cable to watch it. Remember Lovers in Paris? Okay, how about Kim Takgu?), K-Pop invaded our radio stations and even some television shows. Of course there is also the sudden increase of Korean restaurants. But I admit that I love Korean food. Bulgogi and samgyeopsal!!!

But I will not talk about those things in this blog. Instead, I will highlight the snack that saved me from hunger today… CHANCHYO (I am not good with Romanizing Korean text).

When I was still in Korea, I lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. My breakfast is something I could buy in a vending machine. Yes, SNACKS. To balance it off, I drink milk with it (so, it’s not so bad after all… right?).

Anyway, let’s go back to CHANCHYO, the Hello Panda of Korea.  As just described, it is similar to Hello Panda or Pucca. But for some reason it is better than those two because it does not have the grainy shell as Hello Panda’s nor is its shell too hard as Pucca’s. As Goldilocks would describe it, it is just right.

I miss this one particular snack though. It is in a yellow-orange foil pack and it has a bland taste but I got so addicted to it. I want to go back to E-Mart or Lotte Mart to do my grocery shopping. *sigh*

Comic strips inside. Just like Bazooka!

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