Saturday, February 19, 2011

I heart you Papa John's

Ever since Papa John’s released its heart-shaped pizza, so many other pizza restaurants (and even pastry stores) came up with their own versions. But my eyes (and tummy) are set on trying Papa John’s version. It was a good thing that the heart-shaped pizza was still available today. I was a bit worried that it was a Valentine’s Day promo. I guess we celebrate Valentine’s a tad longer here as well (just like Christmas).
Anyway, my friends and I had a post-Valentine’s day celebration and ordered that Papa John’s heart-shaped pizza (with 2 glasses of cola). The lovers’ pizza is available in four flavors: Hawaiian, Cheese, Pepperoni, and Margherita. Since we were worried of getting hungry later, we also ordered potato wedges.
Yey! Our thin-crust heart-shaped pizza is here… wait, is this heart-shaped? Why does it look like a butt-shaped pizza? For some reason, if it is viewed at a different angle, it does not look romantic at all. Instead, it looks like a lewd shaped pizza. >.<
*Operation destroy the heart-shaped pizza began. One piece of the heart for you, and another one for you and one for me.*

It was quite crispy because of the slightly burnt thin-crust. I find the pepperoni a bit oily and spicy. The cheese does not have a strong taste and it is not the type that stretches when you try to slice through the pizza (am I making sense?).
As for the wedges, it was also a bit crispy… just the way I like it. It was not very tasty though compared to other potato wedges I had. We were also puzzled with the dip. It was butter. Melted butter. We still tried it though and it was GOOD (or at least for me).
The pizza was not something I will rave about and say it freakin’ good since it wasn’t. It was good but not something I will want to eat again for the next weeks or months to come. I find the butter dip very interesting though but it was something I could do at home.
Nonetheless, I will still visit Papa John’s sometime next month and try the pasta. I wanted to try the Seafood Carbonara but I was trying to leave space for another trip to Happy Lemon.
Ambiance: The set-up is a typical casual dining restaurant. We managed to get the table with semi-circle couch. But the couch was quite hard and not comfortable at all.
Service: The service was quite good. The servers were very quick and accommodating to our picture taking whims.
Price: The pizza and other meals were quite affordable. Of course, it is not on the price level of Greenwich but it is not as pricey as Yellow Cab or Sbarro.
Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. But I might stick to thick crust pizza on my next visit. Long live thick-crust pizza!!! (What???) J 

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