Friday, February 4, 2011

All Tangled up!

As a fan (and stalker) of animated films, I got super excited when I saw the trailer of the movie Tangled. A twisted tale about the beloved story about a girl with long golden hair stuck in a tower who was saved by a thief. (DYK: The real version is not very child appropriate. It was pretty gruesome.)  
After watching the film, I was pretty happy. The movie did not disappoint me. It had a nice plot and the characters were well-thought.  I love it when Mother Gothel tells Rapunzel that she loves her dearly. Here’s the exchange of lines:
Mother Gothel: I love you
Rapunzel: I love you more
Mother Gothel: I love you most
(Me: crying)
It was so refreshing to see the villain to have a soft side. I felt Gothel’s concern to be not totally because of her fear to get old. It would seem that she also did loved Rapunzel. She even agreed to go out and travel for days just to get Rapunzel’s “request” for her birthday. Also, if Gothel only wanted Rapunzel for her hair, then when she confronted Rapunzel about escaping the tower and traveling with Flynn, she should have forced Rapunzel to go with her. But she was hurt. As a mother, she was in pain and she wanted Rapunzel to see her mistake on her own (with the help of the two thugs Gothel hired). Okay, I am a bit confused now. But I still love how they developed the character of Gothel. I felt so bad when she had to be her mean self again. (Yes, I will not put another spoiler. Don’t worry.)  
On the other hand, if there is one thing that I did not like that much, it must be the fight between Flynn Ryder (spoiler alert: which is not his real name) and Maximus (the horse). I am not really that fond of animals acting like humans when there are human characters.
I look forward to other projects. I will forever be a Disney kid. J  
Verdict: 8/10

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