Sunday, February 6, 2011

Forever 21 revisited!

It has been a month since I last visited Forever 21 since I have been trying to avoid unnecessary expenses. But, since my sister wanted to use my gift for her last Christmas (I bought her a F21 gift certificate), I was forced to go to F21 this weekend.
Gaaaah! There are so many clothes I wanted to try. In less than 10 minutes, my mesh bag is already full of clothes (though most were cardigans, basic tops, and a handful of dresses). I normally do not pick several clothes in one go in other boutiques since there is a maximum number of clothes you could try in one go. But since I was in F21, the place where one can try as many clothes they want in one go, I decided to be in my shopaholic state.
WRONG TIMING to be my crazy shopaholic self. F21 now has a fitting room policy where customers can fit maximum of 6 garments only. I was forced to skip fitting the jackets and cardigans since I could manage to fit those outside and avoid lining up again. To my surprise, if you have more than 6 clothes, you could go back to the person in charge of the fitting rooms, get another batch and skip lining up. I guess, they are trying to manage the waiting time. It was a bit hassle on the part of those who shop a lot at F21 but it made the lives of those who try on few clothes a lot easier. I guess, F21 considered the majority of their customers and is instilling discipline—not to go wild over trying clothes you do not even intend to buy.
Good job F21!

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