Thursday, February 3, 2011

All about expensive coffee and overpriced iced tea

We always clamor for higher wages because we can no longer afford to buy “basic” necessities. But here we are addicted to expensive coffee and overpriced iced tea during Christmas season or whenever these coffee shops and tea houses have promos. I.wonder.why.

Let’s try to analyze a typical person’s mindset when buying coffee.

“I need it to make me feel warm.”

“I will buy one so that I won’t feel uneasy hanging out with my friends who love coffee shops.”

“I’m sleepy!”

“I admit it, I am a coffee addict.”

“I need one after one big meal.”

These are the basic excuses to buy coffee. But do we really have to buy the expensive ones? Can’t Nescafe or some brewed coffee from McDo (which [by the way] is quite decent…. In fact, good) suffice your caffeine need? I think the real reason behind buying expensive coffee is…

“I want to feel elite.” a.k.a. “I want to feel sosyal.” (I know, it is quite Kris Aquino-ish).

How about iced tea? I’m sure the reasons are

“I’m thirsty and I need a drink now.” Or “I’m parched.”

“I want to drink something while walking.”

“I want to hang out at (place name of coffee shop here) but I can only afford the cheapest drink”

Well, I think the real reason is… the same as the real excuse in buying coffee.

I really have nothing about the coffee stores or tea houses here. I just find it weird why we spend so much to buy coffee and iced tea when there are [way] cheaper options. I admit that I am a sucker for those expensive teas when I was still in college until I discovered the wonders of the bottled green tea. Just think, if you buy at least one cup of coffee or iced tea in a week at an average price of P100, you are spending P4800 in a year. Assuming that it will be your buying pattern for let’s say 30 years (in the corporate world), you will be spending P144,000!!!

Again, I am not against these establishments for I am a tea addict myself. But what I would like to share is that we should learn how to control ourselves. I am not stopping anyone to buy these expensive drinks for I am sure that you deserve every drop of it. Let's just not make this a daily or weekly habit for there are other ways to get your caffeine fix. Let us all be smart consumers. :)

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  1. Absolutely agree with you, it seems we rate the product only if it is cheap or expensive, that's the way we know is good or not, but not just tea and coffee, all the stuff in our lives like luxury travels, we rate them better if they are expensive than others


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