Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Food Delivery: The Pastry Puff's Portuguese Egg Tarts

I still remember my first bite of egg tart. It was when I was strolling along the busy streets of Binondo and spotted one of the famous egg tart brands in Manila. All it took was one bite for me to be addicted to this delectable Portuguese-style egg tarts. I tried several other brands after. But nothing came close to the one I had in Chinatown. That was until I got to try The Pastry Puff.

Hello, The Pastry Puff

I have never heard of The Pastry Puff till Jen of Hungry Apron PH introduced it to me.

I have zero expectations from this baked treat as I've had too many Portuguese egg tarts that disappointed me.

Its packaging and presentation are similar to the brand I love. I was worried that it might just look like the best egg tart in town but won't deliver the same taste. 

I was proven wrong.

The tart itself was flaky and had that irresistible light crunch that most of us love. It was more than good; it hit the spot. It reminded me of the ones I get from Guangzhou every Canton Fair season.

The egg filling was divine too. It had that smooth and light texture matched with a perfect level of sweetness, making it an excellent gift idea for parents or seniors who tend to be sensitive to sugar.

Just make sure to eat your portion with a plate on hand as things could get messy with the flaky crust. 

You can enjoy this hot or cold. But I'd say hot egg tart's way better than chilled. 

A box of six egg tarts costs PHP250. To order, contact The Pastry Puff on Instagram or Facebook

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