Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Beat the Heat and Flu with AICE's Milk & Eggs Ice Cream

Living in Manila is like getting used to being roasted daily. And I mean 'roasted' in a literal way as it hardly gets cold here. Hence, many crave cold treats such as halo-halo, bingsu, and other icy desserts almost 24/7. I'm so glad that ice cream is one of the most easily available heat relief products in the market, and it was made even better by AICE.

Hello, AICE.

With its appealing combination of affordable price points, a wide variety of flavors, and quality products, it was not surprising for Filipinos to go gaga over AICE since it launched in the Philippines back in 2018.

But AICE is more than just a brand that offers comfort. It is a very socially conscious brand that has reached out to many local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has distributed thousands of ice cream to different barangays with its goal to provide comfort to those greatly affected by the lockdown.

Aside from that, AICE launched a new flavor, Milk & Eggs, that would help boost the immunity of its consumers.  

Priced at just PHP20, this creamy ice cream on a stick is a great way to get some protein and calcium. It also has a delectable surprise that you'll find out once you take a bite. 

Yes, it also has a strawberry-flavored core! So add Vitamin C to the list of nutrients you get from one Milk & Eggs popsicle.

I have to admit, Milk & Eggs was the first AICE product I tried. I tried looking for it everywhere. But AICE has been concentrating its distribution efforts on mom and pop stores or small neighborhood markets to help these low-income families have more opportunities to earn for their families. I find it commendable as it just proves even more that AICE is socially aware and takes action to make things better for everyone. 

Thanks to AICE's PR package, I got to try its other products such as Chocolate Crispy, Watermelon, Mochi, Sweet Corn, Strawberry Crispy, Mango Slush, and Coffee Crispy, all with pocket-friendly prices ranging between PHP10 to PHP26.

My top picks are Chocolate Crispy, Milk & Eggs, Mochi, Strawberry Crispy, and Mango Slush!

Thank you again, AICE for the fun Friday morning Zoom session. I learned a lot about health and nutrition. And congratulations to the new brand ambassadors Sharlene San Pedro, Andrea Brillantes, and Mika Reyes.

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