Monday, September 14, 2020

Countdown to the Big Day: My Hospital Bag

Time sure flies fast! I can't believe that I'm now on my 8th month of pregnancy and that I'll see my little one in less than two months. I guess I'm too excited as I started packing my hospital bag when I hit my 28th week. It was slow progress as we completed our baby's necessities just recently. But now, it's finally ready!

Countdown to the big day: Our Hospital Bag

With the global pandemic in mind, I wanted to be prepared as much as possible and limit our exposure. I read that most moms who gave birth during the lockdown stayed in the hospital for two to three days maximum instead of the usual three to five days. Some were even discharged within 48 hours from giving birth. I guess this is the hospital's way of limiting the mom's and baby's exposure to coronavirus, and at the same time maximize the use of its rooms. 

Since my goal is to have a normal delivery, I am eying to be at the hospital for two days. But I decided to pack an extra set just in case we need another change of clothes. 

Here's a quick rundown of what's inside my hospital luggage: 

I initially prepared two bags-- one for R and I, another for our baby, Sam. But after much thought, I decided to stick with one bag for our clothes so that R won't have a hard time dragging multiple bags.

Sam has three sets of clothes while at the nursery. Each set contains:

-tie-sides top




-receiving blanket



I also prepared some cute outfits for her welcome home get-up. I couldn't make up my mind, so I packed five outfits for her!

Since we will be handing these items to the hospital nurse, I made sure that each set is labeled. I also prepared a receiving copy in case some clothes or items get lost. 

Aside from clothes, I also packed newborn diapers, extra muslin blankets, burp cloths, diaper rash cream mosquito repellent stickers, and Cycles baby wash for Sam. Hospitals usually provide baby wash and just charge you accordingly.  But I opted to bring one for Sam after finding out that many use Cetaphil. I'm allergic to that brand, and I'm worried that Sam might be too.

I prepared three sets of clothes for R and me too.

R has three casual shirts, spare pants, two sets of pajamas, and two jackets (one when going out of the room and another for room use) as well as a couple of socks.

I limit my sets to button-down pajamas and socks. I only prepared two going home clothes (with one as spare in case Sam makes a mess). Unlike R's that I packed all together, my first set of clothes, including maternity pad and binder are placed in a separate zip lock plastic so that R can hand it to the nurse if I need assistance with dressing up after delivery. I also added a sweater and a shawl to cover my pillow.

I also prepared extra blankets for R. 

For toiletries, I made it simple and packed small travel size items so that we lessen the things we need to sanitize when we get back home. It's best if you have disposable toothbrush sets and other items from hotels so that you don't have to bring it home. I also packed towels for us and bottles of alcohol to sanitize everything. 

A handful of KN95 masks are packed on the side pocket of the luggage for easy access.  

Aside from the big luggage I manage to fill for the three of us, I packed a duffel bag with snacks such as noodles, crackers, chips for R. I even packed our own sets of utensils and tumblers to play it safe. 

A smaller bag will have all the documents we need for admission and PhilHealth discount. I also prepared a few identification cards in case additional verification is required. I'm so glad though that my OB-GYN, Dra. Pilar Lagman-Dy will prepare all the admission papers for us. All we need to bring on D-Day is the notebook that has all the details of my pre-natal check-ups. The small bag also has some KN95.

The last bag I had prepared contains my breastfeeding kit--letdown catcher, breast milk containers, nipple shield (from Orange and Peach), nipple balm (also from Orange and Peach), and manual breast pump. But I'll be sterilizing all the items again as soon as I hit 37 weeks. 

I'm so excited to see my little one, but I'm equally nervous. Any recommendation on what to bring with me to the labor room to help me stay sane (aside from phone and power bank)? Given the pandemic, I'll be on my own from labor to recovery. R will be waiting for me in our room. 

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