Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Quarantine Favorite: The Ordinary Sip's White Fungus Dessert

One of the best things we can do for ourselves during this global pandemic is to strengthen our immune system. We could do so by exercising or eating the right food. The first option is becoming too difficult for me when I enter my 9th month of pregnancy, so I try my best to eat nutritious food for me and my baby, Sam. And I'm so happy to discover a delectable treat that not only tastes so good but packed with health benefits perfect for expectant moms like me. 

Hello, The Ordinary Sip.

The Ordinary Sip is the newest brainchild of the talented girls behind Nacho Macho MNL. This time around, they came up with a not so usual dessert that R and I love. 

Focused on selling home-cooked White Fungus or bok ni, The Ordinary Sip makes sure that each jar (PHP125/250ml) has no preservatives, added flavors, or colorants, making it an ideal dessert for the whole family!

Its subtle sweet taste can be attributed to the goji berries and red dates. The natural flavors of these healthy ingredients become even more pronounced as it gets cooked in a crockpot for hours with the white fungus.

But more than its addictive snappy texture and all-natural sweetness, white fungus dessert has so much more to offer. 

Popular in the Chinese community, this ingredient is loved for its medicinal benefits that include anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. It can also help heal dry cough and heat in the lungs. 

Packed with collagen, it also helps your skin stay supple and radiant. 

One of my favorite advantages of enjoying white fungus is that it is loaded with dietary fibers and Vitamin D, both needed by pregnant women. 

And the best part? It has the same benefits as the highly regarded bird's nest but with a mere 50th of the price tag. 

One thing is for sure; this treat is not any ordinary sip! Order yours now by messaging The Ordinary Sip on its Instagram page or at +63 917 533 8527. 

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