Friday, September 4, 2020

Food Delivery Favorite: Snack in a Tub's Cheese and Cold Cuts

 I have a weak spot for cheese and cold cuts. I'd always go for some whenever I see a platter in a buffet or party. And thanks to Snack in a Tub, I can have my share of a colorful platter weekly!

Hello, Snack in a Tub.

Snack in a Tub is a local online food delivery that specializes in beautifully packed cheese and cold cuts in a tub. Don't be fooled by its luxurious look as this shop offers pocket-friendly tubs. 

Available in three sizes, you can get your cold cuts and cheese fix with its Basic Tub (PHP350), Group Tub (PHP550), and Party Tub (PHP1,750).

I got its Group Tub that is good for two to three. It comes with Mature White Cheddar, thick-cut culatello smoked ham, kiwi, strawberry, crackers, pretzels, dried fruits, and walnuts.

Since I couldn't have cold cuts, I had to fry the smoked ham for a few minutes. I even got to make some ham and cheese sandwich with it. And it was scrumptious! 

I loved the blend of flavors. From the salty ham to the cheese's slightly tangy taste with sweet honey, the flavors blended harmoniously. The sweet taste of dried fruits and the bite from the walnuts made it even more addictive. I also enjoyed the salted crackers that made the set even more filling.

And if you need a bit of help in creating a wine and cheese mood, Snack in a Tub also has a curated playlist on Spotify! You can get the link from its Facebook page.

Snack in a Tub currently delivers by schedule and announces it on its social media pages one week ahead. Deliveries usually take place Thursdays to Saturdays (delivery fee to be shouldered by the buyer). Accepted modes of payment are GCash and bank deposits/transfers from BDO, BPI, Metrobank & PNB. 

Grab your gourmet snack today! Place your order by visiting Snack in a Tub's Facebook or Instagram page. 

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