Tuesday, June 16, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Matt's Waffles

I'm a big fan of breakfast food. I drool every time I think of good ol' bacon and eggs or garlic rice with bangus. And when I was asked to try some homemade frozen waffles, I quickly said yes. I just didn't expect to be hooked to it!

Hello, Matt's Waffles.
Matt's Waffles is the brainchild of a young kid named Matt who wanted to do something during Manila's lockdown (ECQ). Matt's mom suggested that they make his favorite waffles and open an online shop for it. And it turned out to be a successful venture for the mom and son duo.
Made with fresh eggs, fresh milk, real butter, and olive oil, Matt's waffles were so much better compared to the ones you can buy from the supermarket. It was so fragrant even when frozen! 
I popped a whole pack of 6 pieces (PHP200/pack) in the oven at max heat for about 2 minutes and I got golden brown perfection with addictive crunchy edges.
The fun thing with waffles is that you can pair or top it with anything you like or enjoy. It can be your favorite cheese, fluffy scrambled eggs, seasonal fruits, or even ice cream! 
Since it was quite hot when I toasted my waffles, I thought of topping mine with ice cream. And Magnolia's avocado ice cream was an awesome flavor to top it with!
I also generously smothered the other waffles with chocolate spread and topped it with banana slices. But I prefer it with ice cream.
Love waffles too? Then you have to try this one! To order, message Matt's Waffles via its Instagram or Facebook page. You may also contact them via Viber (09175333668). Accepted modes of payment are bank transfer to BDO or BPI, GCash, or cash (if pickup). The pickup location is at Mandaluyong border San Juan.

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