Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Food Delivery Favorite: Happyfoods' Korean BBQ Feast

Korean BBQ has become a staple in our diet that we couldn't help crave for it during the lockdown. From its mouthwatering premium, a la carte meats to bang-for-the-buck eat all you can deals, just the thought of indulging in this flavorful feast is enough to make many Korean BBQ fans drool. And I'm so glad that my favorite Korean BBQ joint decided to offer its bestselling meats for delivery. 

Hello, Happyfoods!
Happyfoods is the company behind popular Korean BBQ restaurants Sariwon, Soban, and Sibyullee. I have been a fan of these three brands for years. And this is the only restaurant group that made me appreciate kimchi. 
I was so happy when it offered its kimchi during the early weeks of Manila's lockdown. I missed out though as I was having trouble setting up my GCash. But Happyfoods' newly launched website made ordering a breeze! And I could use my credit card too!
The website was well-designed and easy to navigate. There's an option to view all products or view it per product category (beef, pork, chicken, side dishes). I managed to order all the items I want and pay in under 15 minutes. And a big plus for Happyfoods' initiative to take care of the courier for its customers!
I ordered two kilos of Happyfoods' Homemade Kimchi (PHP380 per kilo), Honey Garlic Samgyupsal (PHP480, 500g), Salt and Pepper Samgyupsal (PHP200, 250g), Honey Spiced Samgyupsal (PHP240, 250g), Soy Garlic Samgyupsal (PHP225, 250g), Salt and Pepper Woo Samgyup (PHP550, 500g), Marinated Beef Bulgogi (PHP570, 500g), Yangnyeom Galbisal (PHP550, 250g), Spicy Chicken (PHP185, 250g), Homemade Ssamjang (PHP150, 250g), Cheese Dip (PHP199, 1kg), Sesame oil (PHP100, 100g), and three bags of fresh lettuce (PHP125, 250g).
There's a two-day lead time when one orders from Happyfoods. I placed mine on a Thursday and got my order on a Saturday. 
I loved how the various Korean meats were packed. The meats were placed with bags of ice to make sure that the frozen products do not spoil during transit. 
And all the meats were just as glorious as I remember! Each one was flavorful and worth every penny! 
If you do not have a griller at home, fret not as you can use an ordinary pan and stove to grill your meats

One thing I learned from ordering from Happyfoods is that its meats seem to be fool-proof! I made a mess. Yet we still got to enjoy a sumptuous feast! Make sure to eat it with kimchi and dip it in ssamjang, sesame oil and top it with cheese dip for that extra addictive taste.

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