Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Bite: Banh Mi Kitchen

I have been eying Banh Mi Kitchen for a while now but it being in SM Megamall discourages me from trying it out. Just thinking about the horrific parking mayhem and the insane crowd make me cringe. So when I found out that they opened a kiosk in BGC Stopover, I jumped and twirled with glee!

Hello, Banh Mi Kitchen
It is hard to miss this wooden kiosk located at BGC Stopover ground floor near Jollibee and Bono Gelato. The warm hues and friendly staff sure lured us just like those Poke Stops. 
R and I got some gift certificates (for one regular banh mi and drink) from and I decided to use mine right away. I went with Wagyu Tapa banh mi (PHP189 | PHP129) and Iced Milk Tea (PHP60).
My sandwich was prepared in less than 10 minutes and soon, a beautiful, long and crisp banh mi was served. 
It had a nice subtly sweet taste and the wagyu tapa was succulent. There were just some parts that required a bit more chewing but it was far from being called tough. 
The long cucumber strips, carrots and pickled radish added texture and crunch to the sandwich complementing the tenderness of the tapa and the fluffiness of the omelette. The mayo and pate made the whole thing smooth. Sadly, the former overpowered the latter. Maybe I should have asked for more pate. 
Banh Mi Kitchen has been actively promoting its crunchy bread and you'd often see the hashtag #crunchtest in most, if not all, of its posts. And true enough, the bread was crunchy. It was not crumbly or the chewy and tough old baguette type bread. 
The milk tea though was a bit of a miss. It was not as good as the other milk tea I get elsewhere. Also, the drink I got was a bit watered down. I can't blame them for that though as it was hot when I visited! 
Overall, I loved the sandwich and for PHP189, the sandwich was good for sharing or for two meals. I'd definitely buy again soon! I'll just skip the milk tea and try Banh Mi Kitchen's iced coffee.

Banh Mi Kitchen is located at Ground Floor Bonifacio Stopover Pavillion, Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

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