Thursday, June 20, 2019

SBS Inkigayo Sandwich is in Manila

KPOP fans would be familiar with the SBS music show Inkigayo which is a similar concept to KBS's Music Bank. But one thing Inkigayo has that Music Bank doesn't is a famous idol sandwich. Inkigayo sandwich became a popular snack thanks to the KPOP stars who seem to be fond of it. And though the coleslaw, egg salad and strawberry jam combination sounds as weird as the English translation to some of our favorite songs, it surprisingly works!

Hello, Inkigayo (인기가요) Sandwich
The hottest Korean Idol sandwich Inkigayo is finally here in Manila! 
Many KPOP fans have been curious with what made this coleslaw, egg salad and strawberry jam combination become such a hit in Korea, especially when some of the brightest Korean stars were spotted with it. I have to admit, the weird filling piqued my interest as well. And it has a rather interesting back story. 
SBS has a strict no eating in waiting rooms policy that forces the stars to eat at the studio's cafeteria where Inkigayo sandwich is available. But Inkigayo became more than just a snack of the stars. It became a medium to pass messages to other stars or even their mobile numbers! And this is something fans found as 귀엽다 (cute). 
After the Inkigayo food truck reveal, we were all given an Inkigayo sandwich to try. And it was actually good and not just all for the gram. 
Mayonnaise lovers would enjoy this sandwich as it's the first thing you'll taste given that more than 2/3 of the sandwich filling are egg salad and coleslaw. Strawberry jam was a bit muted as there was only a thin spread of it in the middle. You'd get the sweet taste once you get to the middle. (I do hope that they're more generous with the jam for that nice sweet and savory contrast of flavors.)
Available at PHP129 per pack, it was a filling afternoon snack perfect for those on the go or who are scared to go hungry when stuck in traffic. 
And just like your favorite girl group or boy band, Inkigayo will be making its rounds in Manila with Robinsons Place Manila as its first stop on June 24 until July 7.
Oh, and in case you're wondering if there are any other flavors as the sandwiches come in different box colors, it doesn't. Each color are designed to represent something. But one thing's constant, it's one sandwich I wouldn't mind buying again if it's available in my area.

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